Tayak Hill

Rizal, Laguna

Tayak Hill is situated in Rizal, right beside Mt. San Cristobal. Dubbed as the Biker's Heaven of Laguna, the hill is a frequent destination to bikers and pilgrims alike. A short uphill walk and one will be at the windy peak and see two crosses, a view of Laguna upfront, and a view of Mt. San Cristobal behind.

Tayak Hill News

  • Electronics Giant Gears Up For Its Green Agenda

    Electronics Giant Gears Up For Its Green Agenda

    Mitsubishi Electric in the Philippines, a subsidiary of Japanese electronics powerhouse Mitsubishi, is serious in promoting green living to Filipinos not only by encouraging the use of environment-friendly appliances but also by adopting eco-friendly operations.

    Mitsubishi Electric-Asia Director of Asia Corporate Office Shoichi Suwa recently told the media that the company is aware of the current situation around the world where every business organization should be responsible to the needs of the communities where it is operating.

    ?We believe a company must always practice corporate cit ...

  • Bukal Falls With Side Trip

    Bukal Falls With Side Trip

    Bukal Falls is a waterfalls located at the foot of Mt. Banahaw and considered as one of the hidden gems of Majayjay, Laguna. It is sometimes called by the locals as Kilangin Falls. Well known for its natural spring and beauty.

    As a traveler, I've always been into more of the nature-tripping side, as can be seen in majority of the articles on this site and so I can't help but get excited to share this with you.

    Here we go!. . This trip was planned for about one week as a break-in ride for our beloved "Mitsibaby" and we were thankful enough to our friends to make this getaway possible.


  • Tayak Hill And Underground Cemetery Ride

    Tayak Hill And Underground Cemetery Ride

    Tayak Hill is one of the very calming and peaceful as it is located in a hilly place in Laguna. It has an estimated elevation of up to 564 meters above sea level. It is a nature park that many outdoor enthusiasts admire today.

    As a celebration of Valentine's day, Me and Ronfel agreed to have a road trip in eleven towns of Laguna as a break-in ride for his new motorcycle "Sniper 150". It is also a chance to visit my mother in Calamba Laguna. Of course Valentine 's Day would not be completed without our special guest lol! (Joana & April) (just kidding!).

    We started our ride quite late arou ...

  • Tayak Hill Adventure And Nature Park

    Bike ride adventure going to Tayak Hill And Nature Park in Rizal, Laguna.

  • These 7 beautiful pilgrimage sites are just a few hours from Metro Manila

    These 7 beautiful pilgrimage sites are just a few hours from Metro Manila

    There may be times when you want to commune with God not just inside a church, but outside, in the beauty of nature.

    Indeed, there are places where you can have time both with your higher power and with nature, like these 7 locations featuring the beautiful natural landscapes of hills or mountains. Best of all, these are just 2-4 hours away by commute from Metro Manila.

    Regina Rica, Tanay, Rizal
    Just around two hours away from Manila and tucked in the hills of Tanay, Rizal is Regina Rica, a 13.5-hectare pilgrimage site with 10,000 trees, 3 waterfalls, and a creek. From this natural land ...

  • Tayak Hill Beyond the Cross and Windy Summit

    Tayak Hill Beyond the Cross and Windy Summit

    As we descend the mountain considered by many as the devils' dwelling (check out my latest article on Mt. Cristobal Traverse), a grassy hill with white cross came into sight. From its summit, we heard sounds of laughter and loud voices, "ah, the people up there were having fun, is it a park or something".

    "Tayak Hill na po yan sir, pwedeng akyatin ng mga 30 minutes lang," our guide replied.

    I honestly know nothing about this Tayak hill aside from it being windy, grassy and has a cross on top, I'm totally clueless. Little did I know that beyond its windy summit with tall white cross is a ...