Talay or Hidden Falls

Luisiana, Laguna

Talay or Hidden Falls is located in San Salvador, Luisiana, Laguna. The falls is smaller than Hulugan Falls.

Talay or Hidden Falls News

  • Beautiful Cascades Of Laguna Luisiana Hulugan Talay And Hidden Falls

    Photos of Hulugan Falls in Luisiana, Laguna started flowing through social media a couple of years ago when a mountaineer posted shots of another "hidden gem" in Laguna (the province is blessed with countless waterfalls). Pretty soon a steady stream of weekend warriors make the slippery hike down to the falls.

    Today it is difficult, but still possible, to take photos of the falls on a weekend without the crowds. There is a cemented road now leading to the trail head. Its good that the barangay has started to make the trips more organized by enforcing guides (equipped with two-way radios) a ...

  • Hulugan Falls Talay And Hidden Sidetrip

    Hulugan Falls is one of the hidden gem of Brgy. San Salvador in Luisina Laguna. Well known for its natural beauty and grandeur. It has a neighboring waterfalls named Talay and Hidden Falls.

    I've read several blogs and reviews related to Hulugan Falls before we set on a DIY journey to Luisiana. Our day started at Jollibee Tikling where we meet Arman and Ronfel. We took a two wheel ride all the way to Laguna.

    We took our 1st stop over at Famy, Laguna to secure our food for lunch – the famous Sisig recommended by Ronfel with chopsuey plus the 8 cups of rice.

    We resumed our ride going t ...

  • 4 Laguna Waterfalls For Less Than P1000 Hulugan Cavinti Falls And More

    We have three spirit animals: Pikachu, Totoro, and Jollibee. So when Jollibee challenged us to see a waterfall within a P1000 budget, we said, "You underestimate us, my friend. We'll give you four waterfalls!" Challenge accepted.

    We know exactly where to go: Laguna. Laguna is one of the places we often overlook partly because its edges aren't laced with pearly beaches. Joke's on us because paradise isn't always made of sand and saltwater. Many of its historic towns retain many pieces of its glorious past. And its cuisine showcases some of the best in the Southern Tagalog region. Best of all ...

  • Laguna Waterfalls Chasing

    We were invited by a friend of ours, Kier, who is from Laguna himself. He actually do tours in Laguna, But since he's our friend, we had a free tour without the comfort of the van and pack meals. But nevertheless, we had the love and laughter in the waterfalls of Laguna.

    Since we are on a commute mode and in order for us to maximize the day, we left early for Sta. Cruz, Laguna. Leaving early means like 4amish or even 3amish... Yeah that early if you do not have your own car. For our part we left Buendia at around 4AM and arrived in Sta. Cruz Laguna at around 6AM.

    We took a big jeep in S ...

  • Chasing Lagunas Hulugan Talay And Hidden Falls

    A total unplanned trip, we dared ourselves to plunge into an adventure where we should survive with only the tips of our fellow countrymen. No idea of the place, no lists of expenses, no screenshots of detailed itineraries. Just a pack of adrenaline and spare cash.

    Coming from the city of Marikina, we looked for the nearest bus company catering travel services to Sta. Cruz, Laguna. We hailed a taxi cab and asked the driver to take us to Cubao in Quezon city so we can look for a terminal. Kuya suggested a ride so we took the shot.

    The bus to Sta. Cruz, Laguna is scheduled to leave every 3 ...

  • Hulugan Talay And Hidden Falls Of Laguna

    Chasing the waterfalls of Hulugan, Talay And Hidden Falls located in Luisiana, Laguna.