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  • Nuvalis Camp N Offers Incubator Bike Hub

    When three of sons were small, as soon as they began to run on the ground, I made sure that they learned one skill they will enjoy doing in the future, and that is riding a bicycle. Being boys, I new it will be hard for them when they grow a little older if they don't know how to ride a bike. I mean, it is like the foundation of the rest of the transportation available one can learn to drive. When one learns how to ride a bike, everything else will follow.

    While there were safety risk involved in learning it, getting bruised in the process, it allows my children to learn how to face some sm ...

  • Experience Fun And Adventure In The Heart Of Nature At Camp N Nuvali

    If you're looking for some outdoor fun not far away from Manila, why not explore the newest outdoor adventure hub in Laguna?

    Camp N in Nuvali offers fun and adventure experiences that everyone can enjoy. Whether you're going solo or with a bunch of friends or with your family, Camp N is the perfect place to discover yourself and log in a lot of bonding moments.

    Camp N is located within Nuvali, right beside the Wildlife and Bird Sanctuary. John Estacio, Nuvali general manager refers to Camp N as:

    "Nuvali's incubator for self-discovery, a special place for people to be involved in activ ...

  • Camp N April 2016

    Our Camp N Experience! Music by : The Score - Oh My Love.

  • Fun Thrill And Adventure Await At CAMP N In Nuvali Laguna

    There's a new and exciting reason to travel to the south as premier outdoor adventure and team-building hub is set to be opened this summer in Sta. Rosa, Laguna! The fun, thrill and adventure is coming to Laguna as Camp N is set to be opened to the public this April 16, 2016 in Nuvali, a primary go-to leisure destination in the South.

    CAMP N, Nuvali

    Camp N promises to be a premier outdoor adventure and team-building facility that aims to serve as an incubation for self-discovery through obstacles and challenges testing one's physical limits, mental abilities, and even character and value ...

  • 52-Hour Road Trip Around Laguna Lake In One Weekend

    It was a lazy Friday afternoon when a friend texted to invite me on a road trip for the weekend. I said yes immediately because I haven't tried spending a weekend around the largest lake in the archipelago, Laguna Lake aka Laguna de Bay. Ecstatic about the adventure ahead, I hurriedly packed my bags and met with my friends.


    5:00 p.m. – 6:30 p.m. START

    From Makati City, armed with a rush-packed backpack, my three friends and I were ready for the road trip ahead.

    6:30 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. FIRST STOP: Nuvali Park

    After an hour and half of driving, we reached our first stop, ...

  • Sikhayan 2016 For Good Start Of The Year

    Every 18th of January, the city of Sta. Rosa in Laguna celebrates a wonderful festival filled with fun events like street dancing and parades of colourful costumes and artistic props. The purpose of the festival is to unite the city with the spirit of "bayanihan" or the spirit of cooperation and mateship. The festival presents the four evolution of the town from aquatic, agriculture, professional and as an industrial progressive city.

    Sta. Rosa, Laguna is a first-class and highly urbanised city where most prominent companies are located such as Coca-Cola, Toyota and more. The city also beca ...