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  • I Will Do My Birding In The Rain

    Last weekend, despite forecasts of heavy rains, Jops, Jun, Jelaine and I (yes, I was Jaiabird for the day) trooped to Los Baños, Laguna to bird in Mt. Makiling and some surrounding sites. The morning was cloudy but we were blessed with sunny patches and just a couple of light rain showers (more on this on my previous post). We came down the trail half past noon and went straight to the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) canteen for lunch. Half-way through my curried vegetables and beef with gravy, it started to rain.

    I think we were all silently praying that it was only a passing ...

  • Talay Falls A Must-See In Luisiana Laguna

    I woke up then looked at the gloomy sky.

    Our guides’ sleeping area has become our refuge when a downpour happened that night, bringing tons of water in our tents. We relocated and stayed with them, slept on some chopped woods with ants underneath it. It was an unfinished house, with roof but no walls.

    Aside from the constant itchy feeling on my feet, because of mosquitoes or ants, we also endured the cold air and rain in the middle of the jungle.

    I was so thankful to Nico and Ariel, our guides for helping us. It was another moment, a realization that guides are there not just to hel ...

  • Meeting Marikit In Villa Escudero

    I have dreamed of visiting Villa Escudero. So when a birdwatching trip to the Villa was organized by Columbia Sportswear and the Wild Bird Club of the Philippines, I was more than grateful to have been assigned as one of the guides.

    Jops, Jun and I left for the Villa early Saturday morning. We entered through the Hacienda Escudero gate and immediately saw a huge murder of Large-billed Crows flying low over a field. Jun counted 61! We parked the car, got our bins out, scope and cameras and started to bird. I know they are nasty, nasty birds (yes, double nasty!), but seeing crows gives me goo ...