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  • Sta Cruz River Aerial View

    My first aerial flight over water. I chose my hometown's famed riverway. I flew my quadcopter on the ground of the Sta. Cruz Bridge (townproper) towards the second bridge near the public market. I lost orientation and it almost flew to the 3rd bridge near Laguna de bay.

  • Anilag Festival 2016

    Anilag Festival 2016 Rank 6 Binan City PutoLatik. Choreographer: Bricks Edrozo Facebook@ Bricks Bricks.

  • Anilag Festival 2016

    The Anilag Festival is celebrated yearly during the second week of March. Anilag Festival is the major and most colorful festival in Laguna.

  • Kesong Puti At Iba Pa

    We did our share in promoting domestic tourism and encouraged a few friends to join us in visiting a few towns in Laguna province, culminating in the merry celebration of the 400th anniversary of its capital, Santa Cruz, highlighted by dancing in the streets and lots of kesong puti, a product the locals are very proud of.

    For the first time, the province put together a Kesong Puti Festival which lasted for nine days and since we are all keso (both local and imported) fanatics, we could not pass this one up. But we wanted to see more of Laguna and therefore we made stops, where we sampled lo ...

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