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  • Lake Pandin Tour And Lake Yambo Travel Guide

    San Pablo in Laguna is largely made up of agricultural lands blissfully situated at the foot of Mount Banahaw and Mount Makiling, making it a great destination for ecotourism activities. San Pablo is also known for its palm-fringed lakes with mirror-like reflections. It is dubbed as the "City of Seven Lakes" composed of Lake Sampaloc, Yambo, Pandin, Bunot, Kalibato, Muhicap and Palapakin. Of the famous 7 Lakes of San Pablo, Lake Pandin and Lake Yambo are the cleanest and beckon tourists. They are dubbed as "The Twin Lakes of San Pablo". Just roughly 3 hours away from Manila, San Pablo is ...

  • The Alluring Twin Lakes Tour Package Of San Pablo

    Location: Barangay San Lorenzo, San Pablo City, Laguna, Philippines

    San Pablo City of the province of Laguna is endowed with seven lakes which according to volcanologists are maars or low-profile volcanic craters, namely: Lake Bunot, Lake Calibato or sometimes spelled as Lake Kalibato, Lake Palakpakin sometimes spelled as Lake Palacpaquin or Palacpaquen, Lake Muhikap also known as Lake Mojicap or Lake Mohicap, Lake Sampaloc which is the largest of the seven lakes and the twin lakes of Pandin and Yambo.

    Lake Sampaloc is situated in the heart of San Pablo city proper, thus, it is quite acc ...

  • Mount Mabilog Hiking Guide On The Cheap To One Of Lagunas Peaks

    Name: Mt. Mabilog
    Elevation: 428 MASL
    Difficulty: 2/9
    Location: San Pablo & Nagcarlan, Laguna
    Jump Off Point: Brgy. Sulsuguin, Nagcarlan
    Features: Grasslands. Coconut, Banana & Corn Fields. Breathtaking View of the 7 Lakes of San Pablo, Mts. Makiling, Banahaw, Cristobal and the other surrounding mountain ranges.

    Considering its elevation, Mt. Mabilog doesn't seem to be much of a challenging hike. Yet.. I do beg for you to not spit such conclusion early on as this little mountain other hikers consider more as a hill might make you regret it. Nestled among the formi ...

  • Laguna Philippines A Day In Lake Pandin San Pablo

    So last Saturday, my favorite person and I were finally on the road again. Friday night, I was searching for a place to go release the stress I've been keeping for two months now. Life had been busy as well as work. And since another month is about to start, we've decided to go for a break. At least for a day.

    Since before that day, visiting the seven lakes of San Pablo, Laguna is already in my bucketlist. But due to the fact that I just wanted to have a relaxing day, we've decided to visit just one.

    From Manila, we drove for about 3 hours to Lake Pandin. It took us only about 10 minutes ...

  • 600 Pesos Worth El Nido-like Experience

    Cant afford to visit El Nido?

    Hidden in the land of San Pablo City, Laguna, just 3 hours away from Manila, is an amazing gem called Pandin Lake. Pandin Lake is one of the seven lakes, San Pablo City is famous for. We haven't visited the other lakes yet, but I heard Pandin Lake's the best.

    Crystal clear waters, breathtaking view of the landscape, the feel of fresh air, ahhhhh you will never get tired of that place! A destination that truly looks like paradise!!

    Before we reached the lake, we have to trek for about 15 minutes. No need for a guide. As we reached the starting point of the ...

  • The Sampaloc Lake In San Pablo

    I seldom take some photos on sunrise unlike when it's sunset which for me can be easy because I find waking up early as quite uneasy. But this can be new activity for me and that means a different perspective taking some shots before the sun begin to rise. The same endeavor but different time, and a new location that I can go since sunrise is an opposite direction to sunset.

    I had no idea where to shoot sunrise until one of my Facebook friends posted a photo showing sunrise at Sampaloc Lake in San Pablo City Laguna. Since I love sunrise, I had few days to prepare and I did some researche ...