Sampaloc Falls

Siniloan, Laguna

Sampaloc Falls is one of the hidden waterfalls located in Mt. Romelo of adjacent town, Siniloan, laguna. It is a tower at approximately forty feet with the water dropping to another huge circular basin.

Sampaloc Falls News

  • Behold The Magic Of Lagunas Sampaloc Falls

    Behold The Magic Of Lagunas Sampaloc Falls

    If one is not enough, seven mindblowing waterfalls await you at the foot of Mt. Romelo in Siniloan, Laguna. In just 2 hours of hike, be ready to experience a quick shift of environment, from urban to concrete. Mountaineers and avid campers usually visit this area to reach the summit. However, Mt. Romelo secretly hides half a dozen of waterfalls for you to freshen up and bathe in.

    From the base camp, which takes about two hours from the jump-off point, another hour trek is needed before seeing the magic of Sampaloc falls.

    The atmosphere of Sampaloc falls brings you down memory lane. As th ...

  • Travel Guide Mt Romelo And Its Wonderfalls

    Travel Guide Mt Romelo And Its Wonderfalls

    Mt. Romelo, situated in Brgy. Macatad, Siniloan, Laguna is an adventurer's choice when it comes to easy chill hiking and its waterfall side trips. There are at least 7 waterfalls that can be found here in Brgy. Macatad, Siniloan, Laguna.

    We started our trek at 7:00 AM and reached the summit by 8:30 AM. It is really an easy hike and is recommended for beginners. After reaching the summit, we started out trek to our first waterfall, the Sampaloc Falls.

    The trail to Sampaloc Falls is a bit farther than the trail going to the camp site. We were a bit cautious while trekking because it is rai ...

  • The Waterfalls Of Mount Romelo

    The Waterfalls Of Mount Romelo

    Nested at the foot of Sierra Madre is the town of Siniloan, the north-easternmost town of the province of Laguna. It is home to numerous waterfalls that lie along its different river systems, thus it is only befitting to be called "The Waterfalls Sanctuary of Eastern Laguna."

    There are at least thirteen known waterfalls in Siniloan and perhaps more that are yet to be exposed to public attention. The most popular ones are tucked in the slope of Mount Romelo, the southwest border of Sierra Madre Mountain Range.

    With summit elevation of only 240 meters above sea level, trekking Mount Romelo ...

  • Ride Hike To Sampaloc Falls - Siniloan Laguna

    Sampaloc Falls is one of the hidden waterfalls located in Mt. Romelo of our adjacent town, Siniloan. This is the alternate path in going to the falls and it took us approx. less than 1 hour to reach said waterfalls. Jump-off point: Pangil, Laguna
    ^ Motor ride from Manila East Road (Brgy, Sulib, Pangil, Laguna) to Km. 5 (Brgy. Galalan, Pangil, Laguna)- approx. 10 mins.

    ^ Then hike from Km 5. (Brgy. Galalan) to Sampaloc Falls (Siniloan)- approx. 30-45 mins.

    * Buntot Palos (Eel's Tail) Falls/Hidden Falls - Pangil, Laguna
    * Balagbag Falls - R ...

  • Mt Romelo And Four Falls Adventure

    Mt Romelo And Four Falls Adventure

    Mt. Romelo is a known destination for outdoor enthusiast. It is situated in Siniloan, Laguna and stands at 240 MASL, it is also known for having a four falls within the mountain range.

    We decided to climb this mountain during summer season to avoid muddier trail. We started our trek at 8:00 in the morning, after one and a half hour we reached the first falls ??" Buruwisan falls. The group decided to take our lunch near the falls. Afterwards, we explored Buruwisan falls and took some pictures.

    Second Stop ??" Lanzones falls, it is a nearby falls at the foot of Buruwisan.We, then hit agai ...

  • Buntot Palos Falls Lagunas Hidden Grandeur

    Buntot Palos Falls Lagunas Hidden Grandeur

    When thinking of waterfalls to visit on a day tour from Manila, the province of Laguna will surely make the cut. This without a doubt since there are lots of waterfalls in the province that are all within reach from the Metropolis. Pagsanjan Falls in Cavinti will always come to mind since it is one of the tourist spots that were developed and marketed for tourists ahead of the others. It was highlighted to us in our formative years in school as I remember. There is also the Taytay Falls of Majayjay, another famous one which may be smaller in size but beautiful and mesmerizing just the same.