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  • Nagcarlan Kicks Off Non Religious Ana Kalang Festival 2014 On April 9

    As the country observes the Lenten Season, this Laguna town of Nagcarlan, some 105 kilometers southeast of Manila, beckons with its yearly and the province's first non-religious festivities popularly known as "Ana Kalang Festival" from April 9 to 13.

    In an interview with the PNA here, Nagcarlan tourism officer designate Rino Umali said on Tuesday the town folks and visitors will mark this year's festival on April 9, the second instead of its traditional third Wednesday of April in deference to the Holy Week.

    Umali said this year's 28th festival celebration features the "ARKO-TEKTO" compe ...

  • 2014 Ana Kalang Festival Nagcarlan Laguna

    A celebration of fruits of labor. A celebration of nature's gifts. A celebration of a town's products. A celebration of a town's origins. A myriad of reasons to celebrate in one place. We were fortunate enough to be in the town of Nagcarlan, Laguna on the last day of its annual Ana Kalang Festival. Its origin would be clearer to you, dear reader, as you read about it straight from the town administration's descriptions.

    "Laguna's First Non religious Festival

    Every third Wednesday of April to the ensuing Sunday, Nagcarlan throws its doors wide open for everyone to partake of all the mirth ...

  • Ana Kalang Festival Street Dance 2011

    Ana Kalang Festival
    PAIGKASAN (Street Dance Competition)
    This performace is performed by the Nagcarlan Montessori Center students we are the champion in this competition.