Rizal News

  • Majayjay Bukal Bucal Falls Or Liliw Kila

    Rust and crimson colored rocks carpeted with lush green moss, crystal clear pools and icy cold waters, high rock walls draped with vibrant greens - these are what greets you when you reach Bukal Falls. Its another "hidden gem", if you prefer that cliche.

    Green Carpet

    Tucked in a deep ravine at the base of Mt. Banahaw in Laguna, two adjacent towns lay claim to the area. Folks in Liliw call it Kilangin Falls, while those in Majayjay call it Bukal Falls or Bucal Falls. The word "bukal" literally means spring, and the water that flows down the cascades is from a emerald green pool fed by spr ...

  • Unveiling The Mystical Bukal Falls

    Sunday Morning and rain is quite falling. Later than I realized that I was at the summit of Mt. Kalisungan in Brgy. Lamot II, Calauan Laguna. We did a night trek and not much to my surprise, I fell asleep during the socials. Maybe because I was too tired of doing a night trek with unlimited shrubs, dense trail, cuts, thorns, spines and everything not so nice. I just got out from the office at 9am and immediately went to Laguna.

    Anyhow, going back, after trekking Mt. Kalisungan, we went to another hidden and unspoiled paradise situated in one of my favorite provinces, Majayjay, Laguna, for a ...

  • Laguna Shower Fest Eyes Record

    This town will try to break today two world records – the most number of people simultaneously taking a shower in a public place and the largest shower area.

    The “World Record Shower Fest” will be held at the Paciano Rizal Park beside the old Los Baños municipal hall at the southwestern rim of Laguna de Bay.

    Organized by the municipal government under Mayor Caesar Perez, the activity is part of events that the local government has lined up during the week-long commemoration of the town’s 400th anniversary.

    The biggest number of people taking a shower at the same time at the s ...