Panguil River Eco Park

Pangil, Laguna

Panguil River Eco park is ideal getaway for everyone, located in Panguil, Laguna. The cold water of the river is perfect to ease the heat of summer. It is very refreshing. The park is surrounded with lush vegetation which is very relaxing and rejuvenating to your eyes. You will be enthralled with the fascinating view of the area.

Panguil River Eco Park News

  • Wetlands Conservation Group To Launch BioBlitz Project In Laguna

    The Society for the Conservation of Philippine Wetlands, Inc. (SCPW) is set to launch its wetlands-focused BioBlitz initiative this week in Laguna province's Panguil River Eco Park.

    "BioBlitz aims to help raise public awareness about and action on conserving Philippine wetlands," noted Zenaida Ugat who was among SCPW's elected officers.

    For the March 16-17 launch, Ugat said SCPW, the Laguna Lake Development Authority (LLDA), the environment department's Ecosystems Research and Development Bureau (ERDB), and other partners would do a "characterization" of the eco park's river.

    She said ...

  • 8 Enchanting Rivers In The Philippines That Will Make You Skip The Beach

    8 Enchanting Rivers In The Philippines That Will Make You Skip The Beach

    The Philippines is a tropical country, known to the rest of the world as a place full of beautiful beaches. It offers plenty of options, may it be a short travel outside of Metro Manila or a posh island that racks up the attention of Hollywood stars (Amanpulo, anyone?).

    Anyone you ask would recommend a great beach to go, either a touristy one or a beach less travelled to. Beaches get all the stars, yet most Filipinos forget that the Philippines is an archipelago, which means water is everywhere.

    The Philippine beaches have long been given the spotlight, but now is the time to show the ri ...

  • Roadtrip To Panguil Eco-park

    Roadtrip To Panguil Eco-park

    Bringing there our backpacks and hearts ready for another adventure, the members of the UP ROAD TRIP went to an eco-tourism park in Pangil (also spelled as Panguil), Laguna last August 29, 2015. This eco-park features the infamous Ambon-Ambon Falls, and includes activities such as Trekking, River Tubing, and Crablet Catching.

    The town was founded by Fr. Juan de Plasencia and Fr. Diego de Oropesa in 1579. The name Pangil was believed to have originated from three coincidental instances:
    1. It came from the dialectical word "Pangil" which literally means the fang of a wild boar.
    2. It was n ...

  • Panguil River Eco Park Outdoors With The Family

    Panguil River Eco Park Outdoors With The Family

    Summer's the only season my family ever goes outdoors. It was within those two months we visited Laguna to dip our feet into its cold waters. This year, we drove to the same province, but in a different destination ??" Panguil River Eco Park.

    Reunion with an Old Buddy

    My dad grew up in the mountainous and lake-filled province of Laguna. One of his classmates in high school and his fellow CAT officer now happened to be a police chief stationed in Panguil. During the Holy Week the two ageing buddies arranged a small reunion for themselves. And Dad brought us kids, Manay, and Francis (his o ...

  • Buntot Palos Falls Lagunas Hidden Grandeur

    Buntot Palos Falls Lagunas Hidden Grandeur

    When thinking of waterfalls to visit on a day tour from Manila, the province of Laguna will surely make the cut. This without a doubt since there are lots of waterfalls in the province that are all within reach from the Metropolis. Pagsanjan Falls in Cavinti will always come to mind since it is one of the tourist spots that were developed and marketed for tourists ahead of the others. It was highlighted to us in our formative years in school as I remember. There is also the Taytay Falls of Majayjay, another famous one which may be smaller in size but beautiful and mesmerizing just the same.


  • Ambon-Ambon Falls Natividad Pangil Laguna

    Ambon-Ambon Falls Natividad Pangil Laguna

    The province of Laguna is blessed with having so many lakes and falls. And Pangil is one of the blessed municipalities having the famous Ambon-Ambon falls.

    How to get there

    From Manila or Cubao, board a bus en route to Sta. Cruz, Laguna. The bus ride is good for more or less three hours depending on the traffic in Los Banos. Alight in Sta. Cruz, then ride a jeepney to Siniloan. The trip is more than an hour and the fare is P44.00. Alight at Natividad, Pangil Eco-Park, then ride a tricycle towards the park. Fare is P25.00 only.

    Entrance fee from 6am - 6pm - P42
    Trekking good for 6 pax ...