Pangil River

Pangil, Laguna

The Pangil River, also known as the Bambang Hari River, is a river system that runs through Pangil, Laguna in the Philippines. It is one of 21 River tributaries of Laguna de Bay and is regularly monitored by the Laguna Lake Development Authority through one of its 15 river monitoring stations. The Pangil River sub-basin has a drainage area of 51.14 square kilometers.

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e Water Usage & Classification for Fresh Water system used by the Philippines' Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Class D Quality freshwater is suitable for agriculture, irrigation, livestock watering and industrial water supply class II. "Worse than Class D" implies that the Pangil River is not suitable for any of those functions.

In 1980, International Rice Research Institute researcher DA Vaughan documented six populations of a wild rice species known to be resistant to bacterial blight, bacterial blast, green planthopper, and brown planthopper - along a stream which is a tributary of the Pangil river.

A 2004 survey noted with alarm that all the populations were gone. The report attributed the disappearance of the rare and useful species of rice to human activities, particularly "livestock raising, farming, and road construction, which destroy the natural vegetation within the vicinity." Scientists have noted that further studies are needed to prevent the local extinction of this species.

Pangil River or Bambang Hari River News

  • Wetlands BioBlitz: Involving Citizens In Environmental Conservation

    Wetlands BioBlitz: Involving Citizens In Environmental Conservation

    Hoping to address the need for an inventory of fauna and flora in many wetland areas in the country and at the same time, empower citizens in contributing to environmental conservation is the BioBlitz Program. Coming from the words "Bio" which means life, and the German "Blitz" meaning lightning, the goal of the activity is to identify as many species of plants and animals within a 24-hour period or less, with the help of volunteers aided by scientists.

  • Laguna Escapade 2016 Team Focus

    Team Focus goes to Laguna to experience trekking and waterfalls.
    December 22,2016 Philippines.

    Brgy. Balian, Pangil, Laguna - Buntot Palos Falls
    Whereas other waterfalls in this series require no more than a ten minute trek, or a boat ride, Buntot Palos is a level 1 climb, taking 2-3 hours to reach. Because of this fact, it has also been dubbed the "Hidden Falls". But we prefer original name, which translates as "Eel's Tail". The resemblance may be difficult to see, but it nonetheless captures the local imagination.Source:

    Pangil River Eco Park - Ambon A ...

  • A Treasure At The End Of a 2-Hour Trek Buntot Palos Falls In Pangil Laguna

    A Treasure At The End Of a 2-Hour Trek Buntot Palos Falls In Pangil Laguna

    Listen and watch this stunning 90ft waterfall with thousands of litres of water cascading down into a beautiful basin. Located in Pangil, Laguna, Buntot-Palos is just one of the many falls found in the mountain range of Sierra Madre. With water thundering down the cliff with a deafening roar, the falls is definitely worth your two-hour trek.

    Buntot-Palos or "Eel's tail" is sometimes called the "Hidden Falls" while other locals call it "kawa-kawa."

    There are two ways to reach the falls: you can either go through Pangil Eco Park or through Brgy. Balian. Just make sure to get a guide to ens ...

  • Buntot Palos Falls Perfect Escape For Summer

    Buntot Palos Falls Perfect Escape For Summer

    Buntot Palos Waterfalls

    Brgy. Natividad, Pangil, Laguna
    Jump-off Point: Barangay Balian
    Height: Approximately 80 meters
    Entrance Fee: P25.00 as of March 2014
    Guide Fee: P300 (Standard)

    The locals from Pangil, Laguna prefer to stay and have a dip in their nearby Panguil river eco-park and trek the Ambon-ambon waterfalls during summer season but the daring choose Buntot Palos falls which is much larger, more beautiful with stunning scenery and has an amazing landscape. Buntot Palos was named after a local fish commonly found in the area locally known as Palos (Eel). The shape of the wa ...

  • Falls The Grand Hidden Waterfalls Of Buntot Palos

    Falls The Grand Hidden Waterfalls Of Buntot Palos

    Buntot Palos (Hidden) Grand Water Falls

    An off the beaten Grand Water Falls, to reach the basin of the Water Falls is to trek along the trails in Sierra Madre Mountain Range for up to 2-3 hours from a jump off point in Brgy. Balian, Pangil, Laguna. A rocky basin along the tributary of Pangil River descending from a lofty height of approximately 80 meters and is said to never run out even in the hottest dry season.

    The rocky yet muddy trails used by local farmers to drive their horses and carabao's, shaded by tree tunnels and occasionally blanketed by rain clouds. Mostly covered in thic ...

  • A sales pitch to vacationers stay longer

    A sales pitch to vacationers stay longer

    A region endowed with natural resources a stone's throw away south of the nation's capital could be Calabarzon's (Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, Rizal and Quezon) best draw for foreign and local tourists.

    But a tourism advocate has a different take, saying this could also be a setback for the local tourism industry.

    Since Calabarzon is located close to Manila??"less than an hour travel time to its outskirts via major expressways??"urban dwellers tend to see Calabarzon as a destination only for day trips and quick visits, said Roberto Cereno of the nongovernment Turismo de Los BaƱos.

    As a ...