Pakil News

  • Turumba Festival 2013

    Pakil Central Elementary School "Mini Band" in turumba festival 2013.

  • Turumba Festival 2013 Champion Barangay

    The performance of barangay Dorado, in turumba festival 2013 in pakil laguna.

  • Turumba Festival 2015

    The celebration kicked off last March 27, a week before the Holy Week as the First Sorrow. Each succeeding feast is celebrated every nine days after and ends in the month of June. The highlight of the seven feasts is a dancing procession with the Image of Nuestra Senora delos Dolores de Turumba. It is considered as the longest religious festival in the country.

    This Marian celebration started centuries ago during the Spanish colonization. It said that an image painting of Mary of Sorrows was lost in Laguna de Bay when some missionaries tried to cross the water. Some local fishermen found th ...

  • Turumba Festival Street Dance Competitio

    The performance of brgy. Burgos, in turumba festival at Pakil laguna.