Pagsanjan News

  • Young Lady Takes Charge Of Porkganic

    She looks so young and you would not suspect that she is the president of a very promising company that is espousing the consumption of healthy meat products, specifically pork.

    Well, Angelica Costales is actually very young, only 22 years-old, but she is well equipped to take charge of popularizing Porkganic, the brand of organic pork produced by Costales Food Philippines. The company was conceptualized only last year in answer to the clamor for more healthy food products.

    The Costales Nature Farms, the mother company, is well known for its organic vegetables, and has received several ...

  • Waterfalls Adventure In Laguna

    Waterfalls adventure in Laguna! Hulugan falls plus side trip to Talay and Dalitiwan falls.

  • Sta Cruz River Aerial View

    My first aerial flight over water. I chose my hometown's famed riverway. I flew my quadcopter on the ground of the Sta. Cruz Bridge (townproper) towards the second bridge near the public market. I lost orientation and it almost flew to the 3rd bridge near Laguna de bay.