Nuvali Wildlife Sanctuary

Santa Rosa City, Laguna

Nuvali Wildlife and Bird Sanctuary has set aside a 17-kilometer long buffer green and forest zone which will serve as a sanctuary for wildlife and birds in the area. Thousands of trees are to be planted in this sanctuary, providing shelter to various bird species and making it the perfect bird watching spot. If you are a beginner, Nuvali is the perfect place for you to enjoy bird watching.

Nuvali Wildlife and Bird Sanctuary News

  • 52-Hour Road Trip Around Laguna Lake In One Weekend

    52-Hour Road Trip Around Laguna Lake In One Weekend

    It was a lazy Friday afternoon when a friend texted to invite me on a road trip for the weekend. I said yes immediately because I haven't tried spending a weekend around the largest lake in the archipelago, Laguna Lake aka Laguna de Bay. Ecstatic about the adventure ahead, I hurriedly packed my bags and met with my friends.


    5:00 p.m. ??" 6:30 p.m. START

    From Makati City, armed with a rush-packed backpack, my three friends and I were ready for the road trip ahead.

    6:30 p.m. ??" 7:00 p.m. FIRST STOP: Nuvali Park

    After an hour and half of driving, we reached our first stop, ...

  • Why Its More Fun In Nuvali

    Yesterday, we showed you some of the snapshots of the development in Amaia Steps Nuvali. We also shared with you our interview with Ms. Kathy, the broker manager of the said property, on why Amaia Steps Nuvali can be your dream property.

    If you need more convincing, then you have come to the right place because we will tell you why it's always fun in Nuvali. Are you ready?

    Most people would go out of their way during the weekend to go birdwatching or wakeboarding. They are what we call the weekend warriors. They spend most of their time in the urban jungle and they do not have the luxury ...

  • 10 Things To Do in Nuvali

    10 Things To Do in Nuvali

    Nuvali in Sta. Rosa, Laguna is a master-planned residential, commercial and recreational development complex that has something for everyone. Whether you're a foodie, adrenaline-junkie or leisure traveler, you can find something fun to do here. Located in Sta. Rosa, Calamba, and the municipality of Cabuyao, Laguna, the 2,290 hectare development is a sustainable and environmentally-friendly space that allows people and nature to thrive harmoniously. Here's a look at some of the fun activities you can do here:

    1. Go leisure biking

    Nuvali has a good network of paved roads and designated bik ...

  • If You Are A Nature Junkie You Will Love These Places

    If You Are A Nature Junkie You Will Love These Places

    Not just a home to various cultural treasures, Laguna also plays a willing host to a wealth of natural wonders. Hot springs, waterfalls, mountains, lakes, mud springs, etc. Name it, and Laguna has it. Here are some of the most important natural tourist attractions in Laguna, Philippines.

    When travelling to Laguna, you might want to start with its resort city, Los Baños. The place is found on the foothills of Mt. Makiling which explains the availability of cold, warm and lukewarm water. Los Baños is a home to several hot springs. Did you know that Los Baños is a Spanish term that literall ...

  • Through Muddy Trails

    Through Muddy Trails

    The rain seemed like it would never stop for the past two days; thanks to typhoon "Karen" ( international name: Sanba ) entering the Philippine area of responsibility. It had stopped us from birding in La Mesa Ecopark last Saturday to search for more of La Mesa's interesting residents, but good thing the rain has settled down yesterday, Sunday morning.

    We decided to go back in time, to the place it all started, hoping to see more birds than when we first came here. We went back to the Nuvali Bird Sanctuary, the place where we had our first birding adventure.

    I was so excited to go there ...

  • Visit at Nuvali Wildlife and Bird Sanctuary

    Visit at Nuvali Wildlife and Bird Sanctuary

    After the visit at Evoliving Center, our adventure continues at Nuvali Wildlife and Bird Sanctuary. It's best you go here early in the morning between 6AM and 9AM or late in the afternoon past 4PM because during these times, the birds are usually in the trees. If you have binoculars, bring them.

    There's a trail you can follow and it's a long but pretty easy trek.

    If you get tired, there's a shed beside what seemed like a mini-man-made lagoon.

    There's a lot of plants that looked interesting. There were fruits, or at least they looked like fruits. I wanted to taste some, but let's not e ...