Mount Kalisungan

Calauan, Laguna

Mt. Kalisungan In Calauan, Laguna is one of the smaller mountains in the Southern Tagalog region, but is nonetheless prominent because in many points of view, it is one of the mountains that flank the Banahaw Trilogy. Moreover, it has a special place in history as the final stand of the retreating Japanese soldiers in Laguna towards the end of World War II (1945-1946). It used to be and still is a ...

mountain that has many names. Some call it Mt. Calauan or Mt. Nagcarlan after the two towns it borders; others call it Mt. Lamot because it lies in Brgy. Lamot. There is growing consensus, however, that this mountain, rising to 760 MASL, should be known as Mt. Kalisungan.

Mount Kalisungan News

  • Beginner Friendly Hike Mt Kalisungan

    Beginner Friendly Hike Mt Kalisungan

    Mt. Kalisungan in Calauan, Laguna is another good option if you're looking for a short & moderately challenging hike near Manila. The trail starts easy at a farm, then onto a moderately steep trail all the way to the summit. Though forested, you'll hardly feel any wind, making it a very uncomfortably humid hike. Making up for all that sweat is the view at the summit! Here, you can enjoy a scenery of nearby mountains and the lakes of San Pablo.

  • Mount Atimla Day Hike

    Mount Atimla Day Hike

    Mt. Atimla usually climb together with the nearest neighboring mountain of Mt. Kalisungan and as of now summit of Atimla is prohibited from anyone due to its private property. Most of the hikers took a total of nine to ten hours to completely traverse the mountain from Kalisungan (entry point is Brgy Lumot) and the accessible Brgy Curba as an exit point, though there is another exit point in Brgy Catalina but Kuya Bino preferred Brgy Curba. The so called twin-day-hike-traverse is a challenging as well as it will maximize time to those who tried it.

    We attended our friend's son birthday cele ...

  • Laguna Trilogy Mt Kalisungan Mt Atimla And Mt Prinza

    Laguna Trilogy Mt Kalisungan Mt Atimla And Mt Prinza

    What started out as a simple invite to climb a minor mountain in Laguna turned out to be one of the most memorable climbs in my book. How does one go from just being curious about Mt. Kalisungan to hiking it plus two other mountains? This is the story of the Laguna trilogy I did with my U-trek friends.


    I recently invited my legit mountaineer friend for a hike in her province. It's a long time coming, but I've always wanted to finish Mt. Kalisungan as it is a dayhikeable mountain near manila. But she found that Kalisungan was too easy for her, she looked around for a challenge and ...

  • Laguna Adventures Mount Mabilog the Rounded Mountain

    Laguna Adventures Mount Mabilog the Rounded Mountain

    Laguna Adventures is a 5-part post featuring 5 of the precious jewels of the province of Laguna: Mount Mabilog, The Twin Lakes of San Pablo, Nagcarlan's Bunga Twin Falls, the town of Liliw and Taytay Falls. Thanks Ate Shi, Tim and Esmael for the photos.

    The Sto. Anghel Trail to Mount Mabilog is characterized by coconut and mostly banana plantation. There are parts that are shady, but most are open and exposed to the sun. The trail could get muddy when it rains. Overgrown grasses are noticeable throughout the trail.

    After our photo-op in Lake Pandin, we registered, secured our guides and ...

  • Mt Kalisungan Day Hike

    Mt Kalisungan Day Hike

    On this 4th month of 2015, I am planning for another dayhike after our successful twin hike in Mt Pamitinan and Mt. Binacayan last March 28. I looked for a mountain near Manila and came up on choosing Mt. Kalisungan in Calauan, Laguna.


    Our meeting place was in Mcdo Buendia beside JAC Liner. We departed at around 5:45am then rode a bus at DLTB terminal heading to Sta. Cruz. I asked the driver to drop us in Duck Junction (Victoria Junction). If you see big ducks at the right side (assuming you are seating on the bus), that was it. Additionally, the bus fare is P120 ...

  • The Backpackers Successfully Finds Mt Kalisungan

    The Backpackers Successfully Finds Mt Kalisungan

    Many bloggers have written and have published some stories online - stories about some climbers who "mysteriously" lost their way on their attempt to climb and reach the peak of Mt. Kalisungan in Calauan, Laguna. Those stories absolutely sounded so creepy for me, but the more I read on them, the more I felt excited to climb Mt. Kalisungan.

    June 27, 2015, Saturday - Five BPs namely Nickson, Leah, Chons, Liz, and yours truly; and four Guests namely Eric, Helen, Getty, and Aljo pushed through with the Group's scheduled climb for June. We decided to just have it as a day hike activity primarily ...