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  • Philippines Near Manila Tour Laguna Bukal Falls

    Philippines near manila tour Laguna Bukal Falls.

  • Chasing Bukal Waterfalls Majayjay Laguna Part1

    Bukal Falls -Majayjay Laguna Philippines
    Registration+ TourGuide -320 Php only
    Contact # 0930 837 6616.

  • Lets Entice College Grads Into Agribiz

    Lets Entice College Grads Into Agribiz

    A few days ago, we were in a forum where the discussion was how to entice the young kids to get to love growing plants and animals so that eventually they will end up running their farms as a business.

    That's really fine for the long run. We were thinking, however, that we could also entice the college graduates who are working in the city to consider putting up their agribusiness projects in the provinces. Maybe, the best targets are the young professionals who are fed up with monstrous traffic and pollution in the metropolis.

    These people are a very good target because they are educat ...

  • Taytay And Bukal Falls Majayjay Laguna Getaway

    Friends getaway in Taytay and Bukal Falls located in Majayjay, Laguna.

  • Costales Nature Farm A Life In The Farm

    Costales Nature Farm A Life In The Farm

    I have this dream of living in a farm at the foot of a mountain where cool winds is a daily breakfast for my hungry soul. Who can blame me when all I breath was the toxic of the city I live in. South Luzon where vast farm fields are nestled at the foot of the mountains seems an ideal location to have this dream realized. Thus when I saw Costales Nature Farms it immediately drew wild attention to me for days. I knew then that I have to visit to this farm.

    Costales Nature Farms is nestled at the foot of Mt. Banahaw in the boundaries of Laguna and Quezon. The farm is beautifully located in the ...

  • Costales Nature Farms An Ideal Farm Tourism Destination In Laguna

    Costales Nature Farms An Ideal Farm Tourism Destination In Laguna

    In this frenetic age of Wi-Fi, processed food, and Pokemon Go, Costales Nature Farms (CNF) defies the status quo of what a tourist attraction should be. It needs to be sustainable and certified organic. What most city dwellers don't know is that the farm is nothing like the monocultural site that outdated textbooks are fond of highlighting under the topic of agriculture. The 5-hectare space is actually an organic eco-farm that started as a family getaway in 2004. It's now a farm tourism destination at the foothills of the mystical Mount Banahaw after being formally established as a farm in 200 ...