Magdalena News

  • Aliw Falls Oh We Almost Missed You

    “It’s not here in San Salvador. It’s in San Jose. Not my jurisdiction.”

    This was what Kapitan Coco, the Barangay Captain of San Salvador in the town of Luisiana in Laguna, told us when we showed our interest in side tripping to Aliw Falls. Hulugan Falls, the hottest attraction in Luisiana right now, can be found in San Salvador, and in a short span of time, they were able to set up a system to register and assist the influx of tourists.

    The barangay officials admit they are still working on it, the sudden popularity of Hulugan caught them by surprise. And it is understandable, th ...

  • And Forest Makes Four

    Makiling! it has been quite a while, too long, since I last went birding in makiling so adri and I decided last week at the very last minute that we go on a day trip. I had just submitted my students' final grades for the semester and I felt I needed to reward myself.

    I woke up at 3:30 am and while I was getting ready to go, I heard something that I knew would be a portent of things to come for the day. Just outside my window in the quiet of the morning, was a loud three syllable growl: uerk, uerk, err. We had a Philippine scops owl in the neighborhood! I doubted that we would get to makili ...

  • Forest Wagtails

    It was quite dark already, but there in front of us, moving quickly around the leaf litter were 2 forest wagtails! They moved about the dried leaves on the ground very quickly, well camouflaged by their pale olive brown backs and bibbed white breasts. As we watched them, a gust of wind blew suddenly, and off they flew into the vegetation back across the creek.