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  • Burdang Lumban Festival Of Lumban Laguna

    Beautiful embroideries and is considered the Embroidery Capital of the Philippines.

    The exquisite designs are embroidered on authentic Filipino formal wears, barong Tagalog and saya. Embroiderers use piña and jusi cloth in coming up with their finished products which are later sold locally and internationally.

    Because of its continuing success, Lumban adapted its festival to the industry that made their town known throughout the Philippines. Hence, the birth of Burdang Lumban Festival.

    Held every 21st of September, Burdang Lumban Festival is a way to celebrate the beautiful embroider ...

  • Small Town Charm

    The town of Nagcarlan is said to be named after old woman named Ana Kalang or Nana Kalang. Ana Kalang was known for her generosity and kindness, and she was well loved not only by the locals but by the Spaniards as well.

    The town is considered to be one of the original settlements in the old province of Bay. It is strategically located in between the lake (Laguna de Bay) and the lower slopes of Mount Banahaw. It is actually an important upland location for growing rice and corn, and fruit-bearing trees like lanzones and rambutan.

    The Franciscan Order missionaries brought Christianity in ...

  • Biyahe Ni Drew In Laguna

    Waterfalls, caves, and more! There's more to this classic weekend getaway from the Metro. Explore Laguna with Drew and the crew in this full episode upload.