Magdalena River

Magdalena, Laguna

Magdalena White Water RIver Rafting is a new addition to the adventure destinations in Magdalena, Laguna. Its advance course is a 2 to 3 hour action of paddling and conquering the rapids Balanac River in Magdalena. One can also opt to enjoy river tubing and river biking for a unique experience.

Magdalena River News

  • Magdalena River Rafting And Bukal Falls

    A river rafting in Magdalena River and side trip to Bukal Falls located in the province of Laguna.

  • Magdalena White Water River Rafting Adventure

    Magdalena White Water River Rafting Adventure

    In my previous post - Weekend Getaway | Majayjay Falls, I talked about our weekend getaway in Tanay Falls or known as Majayjay Falls. After that, our next adventure is in Magdalena, Laguna. What to do with Magdalena? Hmm, that's what we are going to find out. Upon browsing on the World Wide Web we learned that we can do river rafting in the place.

    As we all know, only Cagayan De Oro offers river rafting, but Magdalena offers also this kind of activity.

    Who would have thought that Magdalena, Laguna offers this kind of activity? Without a doubt, that's true!

    If you are on a tight budget ...