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  • Taytay Falls Majayjay Laguna Philippines

    Side-trip to Taytay Falls during my Manila to Bicol Mountain Bike Solo Adventure

  • Laguna Eco Tourism Capital

    Very few people outside Laguna know about Cavinti and most of its attractions are unheard of outside the adventure circle. Often mistaken as Cavite, the province, instead of Cavinti, the town, it is located 100 kilometers outside Metro Manila. Its many natural and man-made attractions and proximity to Metro Manila make it an ideal eco-tourism get-away. Those who are patient enough to find out what they are will be rewarded with an action-packed and fun-filled weekend adventure.

    But how did the town got its name? Legend has it that the original settlers of this place had a unique ritual wher ...

  • Land Of Seven Lakes

    I don't think there is a city anywhere in the world that has the advantage of having seven lakes. It may not be as important now, but in the past, the seven lakes offered a place for people to live and for culture to flourish.

    San Pablo City in Laguna province has an overabundance of bodies of water – seven of them – which are actually maar craters formed by phreatomagmatic eruptions, when ground water comes in contact with hot magma pushing up near the surface. Its higher elevation on the slopes of Mount Marayap (that stands for ‘native lemons grow’) and rich soil provided abundant ...