Lumban News

  • Sunset At Caliraya And Other Sights

    It's officially summer! While this memory I'm sharing is still from the month of hearts, I still want to have this story told (or shown as might be the case) just because it provided me a much-needed respite from the city bustle and gave me the chance to appreciate the beauty of nature once more.

    Heads up to those of you who may have started to read this post. There's not much going on in this story since we mostly spent it snapping away at all the beautiful places we were passing by. So if some of these pictures look blurry, I apologize. They were taken in a fast-moving car, with a digital ...

  • Burdang Lumban Festival

    Celebration of Burdang Lumban Festival was adapted because of the continuing success of its embroidery industry. The town of Lumban is considered as the Embroidery Capital of the Philippines. The exquisite designs are embroidered on authentic Filipino formal wears, barong Tagalog and saya. Embroiderers use piña and jusi cloth in coming up with their finished products which are later sold locally and internationally.

    The festival begins with a Thanksgiving Mass at San Sebastian Parish Church, followed by Trade Fair and Exhibit. In here, local producers displayed a collection of intricately ...

  • The Day I Witnessed The Burdang Lumban F

    Burdan Lumban Festival happens every September of the year. It lasts for a week showcasing all talents and products of the town people of Lumban, Laguna. This year, it started on September 22nd.

    I've been living in Calamba for years now. That's why I haven't witnessed the event ever since it started. The spell ends this year. Finally, it's a dream come true!.

    It was its last day. There was a parade of beauty, hunks, gowns, and barong. It's a parade where you can tell how Lumban barong and gowns have evolved through years. There was the touch of ordinary embroidered piña in a filipiniana ...

  • Heritage In Stitches Celebrating Embroid

    Many tourists and visitors going through Laguna, the province that hugs Laguna Lake south of the Philippine capital Manila, usually stop at Calamba or Los Baños, known for their hot springs, and Pagsanjan, which likes to call itself as the tourist capital of the province, popular for its attractive falls.

    But less popular towns of Laguna have charms of their own old churches, gastronomic specialties, traditional crafts, rustic scenes and friendly people. Further east is the small town of Lumban, which is stepping out of the shadow of Pagsanjan, once together with the provincial capital San ...