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  • 9 Waterfalls To Visit In Laguna

    It’s home to the soft and fluffy Puto Biñan, deliciously adorned with grated cheese, shredded salted egg, and condensed milk. It’s also called the Resort Province of the Philippines, with over 700 hot spring resorts dotting the area. It should be probably be given the name of Bargain Shopping Central of the country too because of all the outlet stores you’ll find!

    As if that doesn’t make Laguna sound great enough already, it’s also the perfect place to go chasing waterfalls. Here, you’ll find gigantic ones that tower over you and others that are meek and gentle. Some require gr ...

  • Waterfalls Adventure In Laguna

    Waterfalls adventure in Laguna! Hulugan falls plus side trip to Talay and Dalitiwan falls.

  • 8 Travel Destination Ideas

    The Philippines has several pristine beaches of a rainbow of colors – white, golden brown, pink, gray, even black. It is easy to board a plane, boat or drive to your favorite beach destination. However, you're looking for an alternative to beach trips, there are several other destinations to discover and explore for your weekend escapade.

    There are a number of waterfalls that are a few hours away from Metro Manila, two of which are in Laguna, namely Hulugan and Aliw Falls.

    Hulugan Falls is the more spectacular of the two, with its steep drop from high above a cliff. The short trek to t ...

  • The Teardrops Of Hulugan Falls

    The Teardrops Of Hulugan Falls located in Luisiana, Laguna.