Lakes Pandin Yambo

San Pablo City, Laguna

Lakes Pandin and Yambo are twin crater lakes separated by a narrow strip of land. They are part of the Seven Lakes system in San Pablo. The lakes can be found in Brgy. San Lorenzo, San Pablo City, Laguna, Philippines. Lake Pandin is said to be "the most pristine" of the seven lakes of San Pablo.

Pandin has an area of 20.5 hectares and a maximum depth of 63 meters. It has a calculate ...

d volume of 6,600 cubic meters of water in storage. Pandin is considered oligotrophic because of the abundant plant and fish life.

Yambo has a normal surface area of 28.5 hectares. Yambo, like pandin is considered oligotrophic, and is suitable for swimming, outings, and picnics.

It was told that these two lakes were named after two lovers. According to the legend, a beautiful woman named Pandin was cursed not to step on the earth, otherwise, something terrible would befall her.

Yambo, her ardent lover, did not know about the curse and had made her step on earth, after which there was a terrible noise followed by the cracking grumble of the earth and a heavy downpour eventually converted the area into twin lakes separated from each other by a bare strip of land.  Wiki

Lakes Pandin and Yambo News

  • Pandin Lake: Hidden Gem Of San Pablo

    Pandin Lake: Hidden Gem Of San Pablo

    Cool water and picturesque landscape accurately describe Pandin Lake. Hidden in the city of San Pablo, the lake is a great place to relax and unwind.

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  • Pandin Lake San Pablo City Laguna

    Pandin Lake San Pablo City Laguna

    Pandin Lake is one of the seven lakes located in San Pablo City. It is located in Brgy. Sto. Angel San Pablo City, Laguna.

    You can do a day trip, you can go swimming and ride the lamo (balsa) and enjoy the refreshing water of Pandin Lake. You can also have a glimpse of the Yambo Lake which is just beside the Pandin Lake.

  • Travel Guide Pandin Lake San Pablo Laguna

    Travel Guide Pandin Lake San Pablo Laguna

    Just a few hours away from Manila, travelers can find peace and solitude. Pandin Lake has been one of my favorite getaways in South Luzon. It's so peaceful and refreshing that even for a few hours, you can forget how busy your life is. As of 2017, I've visited this place six times.

    Pandin Lake is one of the famous seven lakes of San Pablo and the cleanest one. There is a small community around the lake and the women get their income from the balsa rides (yes, women maneuver the rafts). A day before you get there, make sure to arrange a reservation with Ate Siony (+639299789565) especially i ...

  • Pandin Lake In Laguna

    Pandin Lake In Laguna

    Pandin lake is very serene and mysterious because the water is dark and still but if you are with friends the place can be very active. I don't think it is a good idea going here alone because the main activity here is to rent a bamboo raft and eat on the other side of the lake and swim.

    Part also of the package is going to Yambo lake which is very near Pandin lake. Although we are not allowed to get close to it for some reason. You are just allowed to view and take photos.

    The place is lovely, it is very provincial like those you would see in old Filipino paintings.

    There are not m ...

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