Lake Sampaloc

San Pablo City, Laguna

Lake Sampaloc is an inactive volcanic maar on the island of Luzon, the Philippines. It is the largest of the Seven Lakes of San Pablo, Laguna. Nearly half of the lake's depth has a shallow depression at the lake's bottom, indicating its volcanic origin. The lake is located behind San Pablo city hall and is dotted with fishpens and small cottages built on stilts.

A giant Sampaloc (Ta ...

marindus indica or tamarind tree) once grew in the garden of a selfish, stingy old woman. One day, an old man begged for some tamarind fruit as a cure for his ailing grandson, but instead of helping him, the stingy old woman set her ferocious dogs upon him to drive him away. The old man was badly hurt, and was in fact a Diwata (local nymph or fairy) in disguise.

After the Diwata (still appearing as the old man) had departed, there was a thundering noise and rain, followed by the cracking of the earth. The entire orchard sank into a colossal pit which was immediately filled with water, which villagers thence named after the large tamarind tree.

Lake Sampaloc News

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    "The best remedy for those who are afraid, lonely or unhappy is to go outside, somewhere where they can be quiet, alone with the heavens, nature and God. Because only then does one feel that all is as it should be."

    It is not my first time to go to San Pablo City. In fact, I participated in a marathon last 2013 and ran for 21KM. I also passed by the city whenever I go with my friend in Liliw, Laguna. But for some reason, I have not visited the 7 lakes. Transitioning from a triathlete to a travel blogger, the 7 Lakes in San Pablo was one of goals to be featured. It is unlikely not common fo ...

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    Laguna has been a good destination due to its hot springs, cold springs, lakes, rich culture, varied delicacies and historical landmarks. This post specifically summarizes a 2-day trip to the City of San Pablo and its neighboring towns, Nagcarlan and Liliw. In my early posts, I have chronicled individual posts for these destinations. There are twelve things you can do in these destinations, maximizing your time in a well-planned and highly organized trip.

    1. Take a leisurely walk and capture the scenic spots of Sampaloc Lake
    Your tour starts when you lift the bus at SM San Pablo. Take a pu ...

  • Emerging Destinations For Travel Crammers

    The thing with Laguna is that it does none of those long, white powdery beaches. But the province, known more as the birthplace of national hero Dr. Jose Rizal, certainly makes up for what it lacks.

    Laguna is so close to Metro Manila one can simply hop on to the next bus leaving for Sta. Cruz, the capital, for a quick weekend breather.

    From Cubao, Quezon City, hourly bus trips from HM Transport Inc.'s terminal start as early as 3 a.m. up to

    10 p.m. daily. One-way fare costs P149.50. Buses of DLTB Bus Co. leave its terminal on Gil Puyat Avenue in Manila for Laguna.

    The Inquirer did ...

  • The Sampaloc Lake In San Pablo

    I seldom take some photos on sunrise unlike when it's sunset which for me can be easy because I find waking up early as quite uneasy. But this can be new activity for me and that means a different perspective taking some shots before the sun begin to rise. The same endeavor but different time, and a new location that I can go since sunrise is an opposite direction to sunset.

    I had no idea where to shoot sunrise until one of my Facebook friends posted a photo showing sunrise at Sampaloc Lake in San Pablo City Laguna. Since I love sunrise, I had few days to prepare and I did some researche ...

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    Most of the time, suddenly planned roadtrips are the ones that happen.

    Last April 16, a day before I took my NMAT, my friends and I planned to visit the 7 lakes in San Pablo, Laguna. I was hesitant at first since I'll be taking an exam the whole day next day. But I also needed a break from reviews so I decided to go along.

    San Pablo is located at the southern portion of Laguna and became a popular travel destination because of its seven lakes. Taking a small car as our transportation, we headed towards our destination.

    We started of late and encountered some mild traffic along the way ...

  • San Pablo Seven Crater Lakes

    I was invited to join an adventure which not carefully thought and planned. It was an out of the box adventure wherein it was discussed few days ago and then last September 30, 2011, we were on the road to San Pablo City. The city is located at the southern portion of Laguna Province.

    The specific reason why we were in San Pablo was because of the Seven Lakes. Some people says it is Seven Lakes of Laguna but to be exact it is called as Seven Lakes of San Pablo. All the Seven Lakes are near to each other. Before I came to the city, I had no idea that there is such Seven Lakes until I got a c ...