Laguna Lake

Binan City, Laguna

Laguna de Bay is the largest lake in the Philippines located east of Metro Manila between the provinces of Laguna to the south and Rizal to the north. The lake is one of the primary sources of freshwater fish in the country. Its water drains to Manila Bay via the Pasig River.

The hastened agricultural modernization throughout the region took its toll on the lake. This paved the way ...

for massive and intensified use of chemical based fertilizers and pesticides whose residues eventually find their way to the lake basin. These chemicals induce rapid algal growth in the area that depleted oxygen levels in the water. Hence, oxygen available to the lake is being used up thereby depleting the available oxygen for the fish, causing massive fish kills. While there are several native fish species in the lake, none are endemic.

The LLDA implemented policies to curb the possibility of stressing the lake's assimilative capacity. The most recent policy was the Environmental User Fee System (EUFS). The EUFS was implemented by virtue of LLDA Board Resolution 22 in 1996. The objective of the policy was to "…(reduce) the pollution loading in to the Laguna de Bay by enjoining all discharges of liquid wastes to internalize the cost of environmental degradation…".

Formally, the said board resolution aptly defined the EUFS as a "market??"based" policy instrument aimed at reducing the pollution loading in the lake. As such, companies found to have unusually high concentration of pollutants in their emissions, need to pay fines or lake "user??"fees".  Wiki

Laguna Lake or Laguna de Bay News

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    In response to President Duterte?s call to protect the environment in his 3rd State of the Nation Address (SONA), the Department of Education (DepEd) is mulling over the idea of mobilizing and harnessing 25 million students all over the country to each plant one tree every year in schools, communities and other designated areas, such as watersheds, in line with its Makakalikasan (pro-environment) core value.

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    Mount Tagapo Day Hike Guide

    Five days ago I agreed to go on a hike to Mount Tagapo with a friend, yesterday supposedly because it was a holiday. But a day before that I backed out. I am not the type of person who backs out on a trip. I actually always end up going alone because its the others who back out a day or two days before the trip. But I wasnt feeling so well the day before, I was coughing so bad and I still have colds so I thought it would be better if I take a rest.

  • Wild For Wetlands 2018 Celebrating Laguna De Bay Conference Concert

    Wild For Wetlands 2018 Celebrating Laguna De Bay Conference Concert

    Wild for Wetlands is a yearly tradition which we helped pioneered last February 2017. Its the Filipinos way of commemorating International Wetlands Day by highlighting Philippine wetlands. It is an initiative spearheaded by the Earth Island Institute Philippines, Save Freedom Island Movement, Save Laguna Lake Movement, and Nilad.

  • Laguna De Bae And Its Knifefish

    Laguna, which had the town of Bae for its capital, existed long before the coming of the Spaniards. The Chinese must have come to the lake-shore towns to trade as early as the 9th century. The earliest account of Bae appeared in the conquest of island of Luzon published in April 20, 1572.

    Laguna de Bae is the largest fresh water lake of all of South East Asia, 12 leagues wide (66 kilometers) and very deep. The villages around the lake had about 25,000 inhabitants when Spanish Captain Juan de Salcedo arrived in the area.

    Bae is one of the oldest towns in Laguna province. The Spaniards pro ...

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  • We Need To Clean Up The Nations Water Bodies

    We Need To Clean Up The Nations Water Bodies

    Laguna Lake was singled out by President Duterte as one problem needing immediate attention in his first State-of-the-Nation Address (SONA) in July, 2016. Each time he flew to Davao, City, he said then, he looked down and saw the lake filled with fish pens, and he thought of the poor fishermen who depended on the lake for their livelihood. He then called for the clearing of the lake along with action to stop watershed destruction and lake pollution.

    That was over a year ago. What has been done since then by the new administration through the Department of Environment and Natural Resource ...