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  • Banamos Festival to celebrate healing ho

    The Special Science and Nature City of the Philippines will celebrate Bañamos—a unique healing waters festival—beginning September 14 that will highlight the town’s colorful history capped by various fun-filled events.

    This year marks one decade of the Bañamos Festival in honor of the town’s patroness Nuestra Señora de Aguas Santas (Virgin of the Holy Waters). Bañamos, meaning ‘to bathe,’ carries the theme “Papuri’t Pasasalamat Nuestra Señora de Aguas Santas: Viva Bañamos sa Bagong Los Baños” and which also coincides with the town’s 396th founding year as a munici ...

  • Banamos Festival Eyes World Record

    The week-long Bañamos Festival being celebrated in this town from September 14-20 eyes a slot in the Guinness Book of World Records for the most number of people taking a shower at the same time scheduled at 6 a.m. Saturday (September 19) at the old municipal grounds along the shore of Laguna Lake.

    Mayor Caezar Perez found it fit as the name Los Baños is derived from the word “Bañamos” which means “Let us take a bath” and this is the first time the town celebrates this shower party for the world record in time with the town’s 400th founding anniversary celebration.

    This city ...

  • Palakpakin Lake in Laguna

    One of the seven lakes in Sam Pablo City, Laguna.