Hagdang Bato Falls

Siniloan, Laguna

Hagdang Bato Falls is located in Siniloan, Laguna. It has a series of cascading waters over rocky surface. This multi-tiered cascade that crashes loudly through moss-covered boulders provides hikers with a new perspective of the mostly foresty mountain.

Hagdang Bato Falls News

  • Waterfall Sanctuary Of Eastern Laguna

    Tita Lucy, the woman behind Trekkers' Stop at the upland of the town Siniloan, once again invited me to drop by for another trek. This is after accommodating hundreds of visitors from different parts of the country who showed interest in seeing Tulay na Bato Falls and the rest of the falls around it after reading my blogs.

    According to her, someone informed them about the presence of a cave in the mountains of Magsaysay, where hundreds of bats live in it.

    Stoked, without any preparation at all, I set out for the quest to find this cavern. I do not hope too much about the presence of this ...

  • Siniloan Waterfalls Laguna PH

    Waterfalls have certain charm that makes me want too explore more of them. So, one weekend, a few Instagram friends and I decided to explore some of the off-the-beaten path waterfalls of the easternmost town of Laguna province — Siniloan.

    Although Sinoloan is primarily known for Mount Romelo and Buruwisan Falls, this town is actually home to innumerable, and not so well-known nature wonders that even locals are not aware of.

    So here is a rundown of our itinerary:

    05:00 — meet-up at Star Mall, Mandaluyong

    05:30 — Van left Star Mall to Tanay, Rizal (we opted to take this route ...

  • Siniloan Beyond Buruwisan Tulay Na Bato Falls Hagdang Bato Falls Asul Na Talon And Kalawang Falls

    Siniloan, the northeastern most town of the province of Laguna, is home to numerous waterfalls that lie along its different river systems. In fact, among their official tourism slogans is Waterfalls Sanctuary of Eastern Laguna. This is without a doubt as it is nested at the foot of Sierra Madre, the longest mountain range in the country.

    Its most popular attraction the waterfalls of Mount Romelo, specifically Buruwisan Falls. There are at least eight known waterfalls in Mount Romelo alone, some say that there are more unnamed ones that are yet to be exposed to public. Aside from Buruwisan F ...

  • Hagdang Bato Falls Reaching The Heights One Step At a Time

    We have visited Tulay na Bato Falls recently. Thought it was the end of it? Not just yet!

    More than a kilometer away from Tulay na Bato Falls are a series of cascading waterfalls over rocky surface.

    The trail to the cascades is a real leg-stretcher. Along the fern-lined path are shrubs and thorny bushes and tall decades-old trees.

    This trail takes you to not one, not two, but several cascades of beautiful crystal water. Rushing waters leap from the edge, cascading down the rock wall and landing in churning, misty turmoil in the pool below.

    This multi-tiered cascade that crashes lou ...