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  • Biyahe Ni Drew In Laguna

    Waterfalls, caves, and more! There's more to this classic weekend getaway from the Metro. Explore Laguna with Drew and the crew in this full episode upload.

  • Pagsanjan Falls Adventure

    Our Pagsanjan Falls adventure in Laguna, Philippines last February 2015.

  • From Textbooks To Reality

    Keep your eyes wide open to the wonders of nature.

    When I was still in grade school, there were only two waterfalls I was familiar with, namely Maria Christina Falls and Pagsanjan Falls. It was because, probably like most Filipinos, these waterfalls were part of our lesson in Araling Panlipunan (Social Studies), which our teachers made us to memorize in order for us to pass their exams.

    The name of the second waterfalls was named after the Municipality of Pagsanjan since the most popular entry point to this waterfalls is through this municipality. It might also be the reason why many peo ...

  • Get Wet in the Pagsanjan Waterfall in La

    It was one of those workdays when it was quiet, relaxed and I had time to think about plans for the weekend. I was working in the office in Manila and when you looked outside you could already see the traffic jam and pollution between the grey and achromatic skyscrapers. So our weekend-day destination has to be something green and relaxing!

    My friend came up with the idea of the Pagsanjan Falls: It is near to Manila in the province of Laguna and situated in the green Pagsanjan Gorge National Park. The whole trip will feature some adventurous elements. The perfect mix for a quick escape out ...