Cavinti News

  • The Glorious Cavinti Falls In Cavinti Laguna

    Cavinti, a municipality in Laguna, is my birthplace and home town. Cavinti is home to the Cavinti Falls, formerly known as Pagsanjan Falls.

    Instead of finding it in the town of Pagsanjan, Cavinti Falls is actually located in the vicinity of Cavinti. Cavinti Falls is a 90 meter waterfall which spills over the lip of a rocky cliff down into a watery basin with no stops in between. One activity that you shouldn't miss is a ride on the bamboo rafts which will take you into the base of the waterfall and through the curtain of water into the Devil's Cave. I can't count the number of times I have ...

  • Revisiting Lumot Lake

    Lumot Lake or Sierra Lake is one of the man-made lake aside from Caliraya Lake that is found in the vicinity of Laguna. It is a reservoir for Caliraya Lake for the Kalayaan Pumped Storage Hydroelectric Plant.

    Lumot Lake is less developed than Caliraya Lake but is gaining popularity by having water sports and fishing especially the largemouth bass.

    Since I was a kid, my cousins would always go to Lumot Lake to go fishing. It is one hour from Lucban, Quezon where we would stay for the summer or during sem-break vacation. It is one of the best lake to go fishing, bring your own fishing rod. ...

  • One Of The Firsts Pagsanjan Falls In Laguna

    Ever since we started travelling, we've always been eager to find a way to satisfy our weekend. For this weekend's getaway, we decided to travel around the province of Laguna. Laguna is recognized by many for being the hot spring capital of the Philippines. But this is not the only thing they're rich of. The province is also blessed with numerous waterfalls together with lush forestry.

    There are a lot of things to see in Laguna and a day is not enough to wander around. Since our brother, Burn, were not with us in this adventure but already had a chance to visit Pagsanjan falls (aka Cavinti ...

  • Weekend Hits A Journey To Pagsanjan Falls In Cavinti Laguna

    We're past halfway to this year, and it's already September, the first month in "Ber Months". As the rainy season's about to end, I decided to take a breather from work, and invited some of my friends in the laboratory to spend a day in a nearby province in Manila.

    After my day trip to Buntot Palos in Pangil, Laguna last year, I've always wanted to visit Laguna again, but it ends up getting cancelled due to bad weather, or due to waterfalls being dry. I promised myself to go back to Laguna later this year.


    Pagsanjan Falls is a popular waterfalls in Lagu ...

  • Trip Up To Pagsanjan Falls Philippines

    If you're looking for something fun to do outside of Manila you could take a trip up to Pagsanjan Falls. It's about a 2 hour drive outside the city where you board a long canoe powered by 2 rowers that row, and sometimes pull, the canoe up stream to a beautiful box canyon waterfall. Once at the waterfall you board a bamboo raft and another team of guys pulls the raft along a rope right underneath the powerful waterfall. Once through the waterfall you spend a bit of time in the cave behind it. Then it's easy sailing down stream on the way back! I definitely recommend it!

  • The Japanese Garden Of Cavinti Eco-Adventure Tour Part 13

    One of the popular spot for picnic, mountain bike, and a place to have a me-time is here at the Japanese Garden in Cavinti, Laguna. Normally it's a part of a hill with a vast space of nature reserve, there's a field, a lagoon and a stairway that leads to the top of the garden. According to our local guide that this garden was built as a memorial and also a symbol of friendship of the Japanese to the Filipinos.

    At the middle part of the hill you can find a memorial shrine for General Yamashita, a Japanese general who is very popular because of the buried treasure he left here in our land aft ...