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  • Nagcarlans Ana Kalang Festival

    Unlike most festivals in the Philippines which usually start during the onset of summer and end in late May, the Ana Kalang Festival of Nagcarlan anchors a five-day celebration beginning from the first Wednesday of October each year. The festivities commemorate a bountiful harvest of the town's agro industrial products.

    The name of the festival was derived from a woman named Ana Kalang who, according to myth, was known for her tremendous wealth, kindness, piety and generosity. Nagcarlenos say this woman used to help her townmates in times of trouble. One day, a Spaniard came to her house an ...

  • Nagcarlan Celebrates Week Long Ana Kalang Festival

    The municipality of Nagcarlan is celebrating Ana Kalang Festival which started on April 12 and culminates on Sunday (April 19).

    Tourism Officer Rino Umali said that Nagcarlan showcases its unique folk arts whose leitmotif is the use of dried indigenous materials and displays its great potentials as the Vegetable Basket of Laguna.

    "Throughout the celebration, oversized statues called kalang-kalang symbolizing fertile soil and bountiful harvest, all beautifully crafted from indigenous materials, are put up on display around the municipal compound,"Umali said.

    "Every nook and corner is d ...

  • Ana Kalang Festival 2015 Bihis Kalang Kalang Dress Competition

    The "Bihis Kalang Kalang" (Dress Competition) A dress competition using dried leaves, flowers, seeds, etc.Ana Kalang Festival 2015 Nagcarlan, Laguna.