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  • Time to stop relying on Angat dam.

    It may be high time to put a stop to Metro Manila’s reliance on Angat Dam and consider directly getting water from the 90,000-hectare Laguna Lake, Environment Secretary Ramon Paje said on Thursday.

    The official broached the viability of Laguna Lake supplying the capital’s water needs, as the level of Angat Dam, the reservoir providing 97 percent of the capital’s water, fell to 181.31 meters, just over a meter short of the critical point on Thursday.

    The water in the dam is expected to hit the critical level of 180 meters in “four to five” days, decreasing by about 30 centimeter ...

  • Laguna lake choking from silt fish pens

    Laguna Lake has been choking from the deposited silt over the past three decades, Laguna Lake Development Authority general manager Neric Acosta said.

    During the Flood Summit at the House of Representatives on Thursday, Acosta said the average depth of the lake used to be 10 meters in the 1980s.

    The average depth now is just 2.5 to 3 meters, Acosta said.

    The population residing in the 65 hectares between Metro Manila and the Laguna de Bay had also ballooned to 50 million, from just six million in the 1980s, Acosta said.

    He noted the proliferation of fish pens as the cause behind th ...

  • Cabuyenos embark laguna lakeside

    CABUYAO CITY, Laguna April 14 (PNA) -– Cabuyao City Councilor Jun-Jun del Rosario Batallones spearheaded over the weekend the Cabuyeño people’s initiative for the clean-up drive in the lakeshore of Laguna de Bay facing Barangay Marinig portside here.

    Councilor Batallones enjoined the support and cooperation of the barangay leaders and village folks for the environmental conservation project especially in saving Laguna Lake which is one of the world’s largest living lakes.

    Batallones underscored the conscious efforts of all stakeholders and residents in the lake coastal villages es ...