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  • Birds Of Mount Makiling

    An excellent morning spent high up on Makiling. Few birds visible at first as usual, but plenty calling. Most raucous were the Luzon Hornbills, of which I saw a few. The first bird of note was a pair of Luzon Flamebacks on a dead tree, along with Coppersmiths. Nearby were a few Buzzing Flowerpeckers on the mistletoe they love so much. Also feeding on that were White-eared Brown Doves, very confiding today.

    The weather was good, so up at station 14, where there is a campsite in a clearing I spent a good hour just waiting to see what would happen. A family of Philippine Falconets were perched ...

  • A Trip To Majayjay Falls

    12:00NN JAC Liner Buendia – here comes JP – a young lively and active outdoor enthusiast. A yuppie from BGC, a person who sometimes is wild taking stolen shots, folk who always wear a big smile and will make your day. A person who I considered as brother the fact that he is Ilocano and active outdoor person. He is Crazy! He has the cutest dimples in the world – Universe rather. Lol!!

    Flashback before 12:00NN
    You will always have the hunger for outdoor if that is already in your veins. If you are really person who is up for adventure you will never cease looking for it, you will never ...

  • Makiling For Another Trip

    Another early start for a trip up Makiling, this time with visiting birder Eric Barnes. It was quite overcast, with rain at first, but that stopped before we got to the top. Pre-dawn several birds calling, including Philippine Hawk-Owl, White-browed Shama, and Spotted Wood-Kingfisher. The first birds to be visible were a pair of Luzon Flamebacks at Agila Camp, which disappeared quickly. Further up the trail the juvenile Red-bellied Pitta from last week was in the same spot.

    Several small bird parties, particularly in the fruiting parasitic plants that are so abundant here. Sulphur-billed Nu ...