Buruwisan Falls

Siniloan, Laguna

Buruwisan Falls are located in Siniloan, Laguna. They are one of the five falls found in the Sierra Madre Mountain ranges, the accessibility to the site makes Buruwisan popular. The falls has a 50-meter drop.

Throughout its watershed, from mountains to lowlands, the Siniloan is dominated by coconut and grasses. The mountain areas are also characterized by forests, while the lowland ...

s are also characterized by rice paddies and residential areas.

Cascading from the Siniloan's headwaters on Mount Romelo, five falls have become particularly well known among the locals and are frequented by tourists. These are: Buruwisan Falls, Guiling-Guiling Falls, Lanzones Falls, Binaytuan Falls, and Sebakon Falls.

Buruwisan Falls is the most popular because it is the most accessible among the falls. It has a drop of more or less 50-meters, giving it a reputation as "an excellent training ground for neophyte mountain climbers." The waters of Buruwisan eventually meet the waters of the Lanzones falls, and then lead to the much bigger Binaytuan Falls, which has a more or less 200-meter drop.

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    There are 7 most popular waterfalls within Mt. Romelo namely Batya-Batya, Buruwisan, Lanzonez, Sampaloc, Binaytuan, Diwata and Sapang Labo. After reaching the summit, hikers would opt to chase these waterfalls to make the most out of their adventure and take some dip to freshen up.

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    First part was crossing a calm river.

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