Bunga Twin Falls

Nagcarlan, Laguna

Bunga Twin Falls is located in the municipality of Nagcarlan, Laguna province. The unique charm of Bunga Falls is the fact that it is a 'twin falls': two waterfalls, almost identical, descending side by side. Named after the Bunga (betel nut) palms that used to grow on the area, this waterfall is just 600 meters away from the jump-off point, and is also near the famed Underground Cemetery of Nagca ...


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  • Weekend Escape Experience Lagunas Enchanting Waterfalls

    Weekend Escape Experience Lagunas Enchanting Waterfalls

    Have you been to Laguna yet? Have you tried a ?chasing waterfalls adventure? in the cozy towns of Luisiana, Pangil, Siniloan, Paete, Nagcarlan, and Liliw? If your answer is no to either questions, then read on! I promise that you will find my province worth of a weekend visit after reading.

  • Places To Visit In Laguna

    Laguna is one of the tourist destinations in southern Luzon because it is just a two hour travel from Manila. This province has the great combination of historical sites and nature that attract tourist from the Metro and other nearby provinces. First, Bunga falls located in Nagarlan, Laguna. According to the residents, there were plenty of bettle nut (bunga in local dialect) in the area, so they derived the name of this water falls from this vine.

    Mt. Romelo and the Buruwisan falls are one of the top tourist spots in Laguna. Hiking to Romelo's camp site, river and water falls is always ch ...

  • Nagcarlan Fun Laguna

    Nagcarlan Fun Laguna

    A few days before Valentine's Day this 2017, instead of sulking over the fact that I have no V-Day date (for the 7th consecutive year), I opted to join a group of nature-enthusiasts for a weekend getaway in Laguna.

    I have actually been joining random groups of people since the 1st week of January for some weekend climbs and more.

    So here are the things we did in Nagcarlan to have fun:


    Don't be a wasted soul, be 'juan'derlust. Take it easy ebri'juan'.

  • A Hidden Laguna Gem Exploring History Nature In Nagcarlan

    A Hidden Laguna Gem Exploring History Nature In Nagcarlan

    The superstitious fear going to the Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery due to the supposed presence of spirits which can follow unwitting visitors home. However, to conservationists, it remains a rare place which must be treasured for its uniqueness and role in history.

    A tiled stairway with an intricately decorated banister leads visitors from the charming, well-preserved church into an underground chamber hearkening to European catacombs.

    Some of the niches in the walls still held the remains of people important to the town of Nagcarlan, but others were empty??"the remains moved to other c ...

  • Beautiful Separation Bunga Falls Lakes Pandin And Yambo

    Beautiful Separation Bunga Falls Lakes Pandin And Yambo

    The brothers are back at it again discovering the hidden gems of Laguna. But this time, we were able to witness the pristine twin lakes of San Pablo, Lakes Pandin and Yambo. In order to make the most of our Laguna trip, we added Bunga Twin Falls in Nagcarlan as our sidetrip.

    Around 8 am we arrived at the jump-off point of Bunga falls. The lot is wide enough for visitors who have their own private cars. Entrance fee is only 5 pesos and after a 5 minute no sweat trek you will reach the falls.

    Trail to Bunga falls.

    The falls is approximately 15 meters high and 50 ft deep. Jumping is pos ...

  • Hola Laguna

    Hola Laguna

    Laguna, apart from being famous for its delicious buko pie, espasol and puto Biñan, is a progressive province that offers a colorful mix of heritage, history and natural wonders. Due to rise of industrialization, some cities within the province have embraced urban living with the existence of malls, amusement park and recreational zones.

    A two hour drive from Manila (without the traffic), Laguna continues to be a popular destination among travelers who want to escape from the hustle and bustle of urban jungle and enjoy a weekend of relaxation without going too far from the city.

    In real ...