Bukal Falls

Majayjay, Laguna

Bukal or Bucal Falls or Kilangin Falls is located at the foot of Mt. Banahaw and borders the towns of Liliw and Nagcarlan Majayjay, Laguna. The waterfall is surrounded by rusty and crimson-coloured rocks covered with lush green moss. The crystal clear pools, the icy cold water and the high rock walls will greet tourists once they reach Bukal Falls. The water source of the waterfall comes from a p ...

ool surrounded by green wall of rocks; this is what the folks primarily refer as the Kilangin Falls.

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  • Kilangin Falls Bukal Falls (Liliw Laguna)

    Kilangin Falls Bukal Falls (Liliw Laguna)

    Turquoise blue, ice cold water from the springs at the foot of Mt. Banahaw, thick and verdant forest cover and the relative ease of reaching the falls are what draws people from all over to this little piece of paradise tucked away in a remote corner of Liliw, Laguna. Known by two names depending on who you ask, the people of Liliw refers to this place as Kilangin Falls, said to be derived from the word dalangin as the falls were said to be a former pilgrimage site where devotees of the virgin Mary would offer their prayers. On the other side of the fence, people from the neighboring town of M ...

  • Bukal Falls Majayjays Other Waterfall

    Bukal Falls Majayjays Other Waterfall

    After our trek to Tulay na Bato Falls in Siniloan on the last week of September, we had another adrenaline urge that prompted us to go waterfall-chasing again last Monday. We were also trying to make the most of a very suitable weather - it was cloudy but not rainy - before the next typhoon or monsoon rains come visiting again. Reserving the other waterfalls in Siniloan for some other time we set our sights instead on Bukal Falls in Majayjay, another town in Laguna.

  • Lagunas Hidden Waterfalls

    Lagunas Hidden Waterfalls

    Busloads of foreign tourists are frequently streaming to Pagsanjan town in Laguna, where they are picked up by small wooden boats to take them upstream to the most famous falls in neighboring Cavinti town.

    Yes, the Pagsanjan Falls, also known as Cavinti Falls or Magdapio Falls, is the top natural attraction in the province, but there are equally majestic but less known falls that have been gaining popularity in recent years. Some are relatively easy to reach, while others have rough trails best taken by experienced mountaineers.

    Visitors here can go to three falls in one go Asul na Talon ...

  • Philippines Near Manila Tour Laguna Bukal Falls

    Philippines near manila tour Laguna Bukal Falls.

  • Enchanted Waterfalls In Laguna

    Enchanted Waterfalls In Laguna

    Bukal falls is located at the foot of Mt. Banahaw in Brgy. Bukal, Majayjay, Laguna. It is said to be one of the enchanted falls in Laguna because of it's refreshing and crystal clear water directly from the mountain.

  • Chasing Bukal Waterfalls Majayjay Laguna Part1

    Bukal Falls -Majayjay Laguna Philippines
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