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  • Hiking in Mount Romelo Siniloan Laguna

    Based on Pinoy Mountaineer, Mount Romelo has an elevation of less than 300 meters above sea level, with a difficulty level of 2/9 and is classified as a minor climb. It is one of the popular mountains to climb near Manila for beginners. But the main attraction that this place offers are the waterfalls that can be found around the forest of Siniloan.

    According to some write-ups that I've read over the internet, the trails are mostly muddy during rainy season and dusty during the sunny days. On the day of our trip, it was signal number 1 in the provinces of Quezon and Laguna according to the ...

  • Mountain Biking in Mt Makiling

    Mt Makiling is a dormant volcano situated between Los Baños, Laguna and Sto. Tomas, Batangas. Standing at more than a thousand meters above sea level, it is a towering figure visible from elevated areas of Metro Manila.

    Mt Makiling is one of the more popular mountains around the city. You've probably seen it on TV, first read about it in your grade school textbooks or perhaps learned about its legends in your literature class.If you've been active in scouting, there's a good chance you have camped here at least once.

    As a boy scout, I had my share of good memories with this mountain. He ...

  • Mountain Sea Of Clouds from The Summit Of Mt Mabilog

    Not all Mountains would have a 360 degree view where you can expect to witness Sunset and Sunrise spectacles in an overnight camp. Some summits view would be blocked by perhaps another mountain, some would look like a glen or garden, some covered in thick forest of trees, one can't really compare one Mountain to another no matter how similar the trails and challenges they present.

    Noting the mountains in Southern Tagalog, literally the one's South of Manila, a scattering of many makes them very attractive to Outdoorsman in training that includes me. From Laguna, to Cavite, to Batangas and ...