Ambon-Ambon Falls

Pangil, Laguna

Ambon-Ambon Falls is definitely a sight to behold located in Pangil, Laguna. The height of the drop is 5 meters high. The strong gustiness is brought about by the drop of the water to another boulder of rock, causing showers all over the small cove of large stones. So no matter where you go, once you are inside the cove, the water will reach you.

Ambon-Ambon Falls Laguna News

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    Must-Visit Waterfalls Near Manila For Your Next Weekend Trip

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    Roadtrip To Panguil Eco-park

    Bringing there our backpacks and hearts ready for another adventure, the members of the UP ROAD TRIP went to an eco-tourism park in Pangil (also spelled as Panguil), Laguna last August 29, 2015. This eco-park features the infamous Ambon-Ambon Falls, and includes activities such as Trekking, River Tubing, and Crablet Catching.

    The town was founded by Fr. Juan de Plasencia and Fr. Diego de Oropesa in 1579. The name Pangil was believed to have originated from three coincidental instances:
    1. It came from the dialectical word "Pangil" which literally means the fang of a wild boar.
    2. It was n ...

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    Panguil River Eco Park Outdoors With The Family

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    Reunion with an Old Buddy

    My dad grew up in the mountainous and lake-filled province of Laguna. One of his classmates in high school and his fellow CAT officer now happened to be a police chief stationed in Panguil. During the Holy Week the two ageing buddies arranged a small reunion for themselves. And Dad brought us kids, Manay, and Francis (his o ...

  • Ambon-Ambon Falls Of Pangil Laguna

    Ambon-Ambon Falls Of Pangil Laguna

    In the Philippines there's always this rainy season starting from June/July up to some of the 'ber months,. Its where most of the people tend to stay at home because it wouldn't be a great choice for them to travel or to have some adventure on a wet season. Well, for me its always a year round for doing a great adventure exploring places in the Philippines and not just summertime. Most likely, when I don't have the chance to book a plane ticket going to a local travel destination (because its hard to find a travel buddies who would likely agree to 'okay let's book immediately'), I always end u ...

  • Buntot Palos Falls Lagunas Hidden Grandeur

    Buntot Palos Falls Lagunas Hidden Grandeur

    When thinking of waterfalls to visit on a day tour from Manila, the province of Laguna will surely make the cut. This without a doubt since there are lots of waterfalls in the province that are all within reach from the Metropolis. Pagsanjan Falls in Cavinti will always come to mind since it is one of the tourist spots that were developed and marketed for tourists ahead of the others. It was highlighted to us in our formative years in school as I remember. There is also the Taytay Falls of Majayjay, another famous one which may be smaller in size but beautiful and mesmerizing just the same.


  • Buntot Palos Falls Perfect Escape For Summer

    Buntot Palos Falls Perfect Escape For Summer

    Buntot Palos Waterfalls

    Brgy. Natividad, Pangil, Laguna
    Jump-off Point: Barangay Balian
    Height: Approximately 80 meters
    Entrance Fee: P25.00 as of March 2014
    Guide Fee: P300 (Standard)

    The locals from Pangil, Laguna prefer to stay and have a dip in their nearby Panguil river eco-park and trek the Ambon-ambon waterfalls during summer season but the daring choose Buntot Palos falls which is much larger, more beautiful with stunning scenery and has an amazing landscape. Buntot Palos was named after a local fish commonly found in the area locally known as Palos (Eel). The shape of the wa ...