Urbiztondo Beach Surfing

San Fernando City, La Union

Urbiztondo Beach, also called San Juan Beach, is approximately 8 kilometers north of San Fernando City, the beach stretching from Urbiztondo to Ili Norte is dotted with tourism-related establishments. The surf in the area is ideal for surfing during the months of November to February.

The stretch of white and gray sand beaches along the towns of La Union is the main attraction to to ...

urists. In the province tourist belts are located along the shores of San Juan, San Fernando City, Bauang and Agoo. Its calm crystal water is ideal for water skiing, snorkeling, swimming, scuba diving, wind surfing and boating. Its gifted multitude scenic landscape is a tourism haven as well, and eco-tourism development.

Urbiztondo Beach or San Juan Beach Surfing News

  • 10 Things To Do In La Union

    10 Things To Do In La Union

    When it comes to quick getaways from Manila, La Union is a good choice for barkadas and weekend warriors. This laid-back coastal town in the Ilocos region is easily accessible from Manila, has a wide range of accommodations to fit any budget and lots of restaurants to choose from for all your food trip needs. Most people come to La Union to enjoy the beach and the waves, but thats not the only thing you can do there. For first-timers planning a trip to La Union, here are a few of the fun and unique activities you can do in La Union.

  • Where To Go Surfing In The Philippines 8 Spots You Should Visit

    Where To Go Surfing In The Philippines 8 Spots You Should Visit

    Surfing is freedom. Surfing is addictive. There's no stopping. It's always about the next wave. You never go home because, mentally, there is no "enough". While you may be tired, sore, or tied up with work, you will always look forward to your next surf trip. If you're itching to dive into the ocean, to catch some waves and are wondering where to go surfing in the Philippines, then check these 8 spots out:

  • Weekend Wandering In La Union

    Weekend Wandering In La Union

    La Union is one of the go to's of most travelers who wants to go surfing, but Elyu is not only about riding the waves and getting stoked. Just over the weekend, you can experience trekking to the waterfalls, museum hopping, grape picking, and many more. So, here are some activities and places you might want to explore when you visit the beautiful province of La Union.

  • San Juan La Union Surfing Trip

    San Juan La Union Surfing Trip

    This was the second leg of our  family trip going down from Baguio.

    So on the way to San Juan my family went for Grape picking  in Bauang, La Union. We chose Lomboy Grape Farm as they are popular to us means reliable.

    At first we don't know what to expect as grapes in humid place doesn't sound true to me. I thought grapes only exist in cold places? I was so wrong. The town are filled with grape farms because of the rich soil they have.

    You can pick grapes as much as you want and it cost 300pesos / kilo. They even sell a grape wine which is really really nice. We bought one bottle ba ...

  • Travel Diary La Union

    La Union, you're a weekend too short to love!! But that's more excuse to visit you, your beach, sun & your waves! Came back home two tones darker, sunkissed and with seashells to remember. My heart is full, can't wait to visit you again soon! (And probably the rest of the beautiful beaches Philippines can offer!)

    Also, PSA: Video might cause motion sickness. Haha!



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  • La Union Surfer Takes Anti-trash Campaign To Social Media

    La Union Surfer Takes Anti-trash Campaign To Social Media

    A surfer in San Juan, La Union has taken to social media to call out tourists who leave behind their trash on beaches and other public places.

    Camille Pilar, a 28-year-old surfer, took advantage of social media to expose irresponsible tourists.

    At the height of tourist influx in the province over the Holy Week break, she created Banned from the Beach (@bandfromthebeach) on photo-sharing site Instagram.

    Using the account, she posts photos of trash left by tourists on public places such as the beach.

    Pilar also writes witty captions on the photos.

    "What good is your beach #selfie ...