Tangadan Falls

San Gabriel, La Union

Tangadan falls is located in San Gabriel town, Amontoc, La Union province. It is named Tangadan falls because, Tangadan means "to look up" in Ilocano and you have to look up to see where the water is coming from according to the locals.

Tangadan Falls News

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    La Union 4 Destinations PHP160.00 Itinerary

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  • La Union Tangadan Falls

    La Union Tangadan Falls

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  • Exploring Tangadan Falls In San Gabriel La Union

    Exploring Tangadan Falls In San Gabriel La Union

    If there is a place in the North where tourists wonder whether it is worth the visit, then La Union will definitely be one of the places to consider. Aside from it being a surfers' paradise, a newly discovered place is now attracting a lot of tourists in La Union and that can be found in San Gabriel in La Union, called TANGADAN FALLS.

  • La Union Ft Tangadan Falls 2017

    La Union is a province in the Philippines located in the Ilocos Region in the island of Luzon. It is also known for its beautiful beaches known for surfing destination and majestic waterfalls such as Tangadan Falls located in the town of San Gabriel.

  • Tangadan Falls La Union

    There are two ways to Tangadan Falls as I have learned. The first one is a two-hour river trek along Baroro River. Speaking with the people who have done this trek, they said it was a lot scenic despite the longer time to get to the falls.