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  • Feature Alilem A New And Developing Tourist Haven

    The town of Alilem is becoming a tourist drawer and adds to many reasons why people must visit Ilocos Sur province.

    Alilem, a fourth-class municipality with a population of seven thousand people speaking the Iloco language and kankanaey dialects, is now pushing for travel and tourism development to bring in various economic activities in the town.

    It is mainly an agricultural community inundated by the Amburayan River which can be reached from municipality of Sudipen by an exhilarating jeepney or single motorbike ride in 30 minutes.

    Vast rice fields greet visitors in this simple but b ...

  • Dont Sit Like A Frog Sit Like A King

    Dont Sit Like A Frog Sit Like A King

    Day 1

    After nearly nine hours on the trail, we finally arrive in Les-eng. One is tired and can't wait to just lie down and recover some sleep lost to driving from Bulacan to Baguio. The other just wants to wash up maybe for lack of anything else to do. I, on the other hand, am just anxious that the only store in the village won't open tonight.

    Paul was the first to wash up using the stored water in the daycare center and Jepoi was busy unpacking. Meanwhile, I was asking Manong Elio for directions to our destination the following morning while securing pans and pots for the night's meal. ...

  • Amburayan River Ravaged Land

    Amburayan River Ravaged Land

    I am revising an essay from a January conference on heritage, due for review. In it, I examine why conservation rhetoric fails to amass support beyond those of heritage advocates. This is a question that guided my field work on the Mehan Garden in Manila between 2005 and 2007. Why did arguments for 'liveability' fail to struck a chord of deep sympathy among a broad mass of Manila residents?

    I think this has to do with contemporary constructs of nature and how it is made to represent identity, place, and heritage within an increasingly globalized matrix of localities, all striving for distin ...