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  • Tangadan Falls In La Union PH

    Tangadan Falls In La Union PH

    Behind the waterfall of love you'll find me, hiding in a barrel. ??" Jarod Kintz

    When you ask someone what should one do when in La Union, most often than not, that person will tell you to go to San Juan and surf. True enough, surfing at this coastal town is indeed the "it" thing to do in the Ilocandia's smallest province. But, just like what I have mentioned in my previous "ElYu" blogs, there is more to La Union other than surfing.

    Slowly making abuzz among local travelers is LU's well-kept secret (no more). A 40-plus feet picturesque and cascading waterfalls called Tangadan in the quie ...

  • Surfing In San Juan La Union

    Surfing In San Juan La Union

    La Union (Elyu or L.U.) is a province of the Philippines located in the Ilocos Sur Region. It is also known as the surfing capital of the north and surfing in San Juan, La Union is very much known to every surfers nowadays.

    Me and my boyfriend both miss surfing in Siargao but this time, we wanted to try other surf spots. It's been said that San Juan was just an ordinary sea shore before until they discovered that the waves here are good for surfing.

    Unfortunately, since it's not a surfing season in La Union anymore, what we got are baby waves. But nevertheless, we still enjoyed it here. ...

  • Surfing At San Juan La Union

    Surfing At San Juan La Union

    Summer in the Philippines is a whole year round, so it's often a good idea to go for a road trip and hit the beach. Last August, I went up north to spend the weekend surfing. I was so excited because surfing is one of the things included my bucket list. I also look forward to spending time with new friends who share the same passion in food, traveling, and good conversations.

    San Juan La Union is a five hour drive from Manila. It is one of the go-to surf spots in the Philippines as well. We left around 5am, and had breakfast in NLEX.

    After a long drive, we checked in at San Juan Surf R ...