Pad-tok Falls

Bacnotan, La Union

Pad-tok Falls are part of the Arosip Ecotrail located in Bacnotan, La Union where you can see countless springs, looking like miniature waterfalls, providing water to the vast plantations. As hikers near the waterfalls, a feeling of excitement and sense of rush engulfs everyone as the sound of flowing water gets stronger and stronger.

Pad-tok Falls is from the Kankanaey dialect whic ...

h means lagto among Ilocanos. In Filipino, it means talon or jump in the English language. It was named so because of the rocks that once fall from the top of the falls down to the basin. Although it has an estimated height of 22 feet, it has a shallow basin because of the usually weak flow of water.

Pad-tok Falls News

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    Tekdag-aso Falls Of Arosip

    It was early in the morning (6:00 am) when we stepped down from the bus bound for Laoag City along the national highway at the Welcome arch to DMMMSU-NLUC (Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State University - North La Union Campus) Bacnotan, La Union. There we rode a tricycle going to the drop-off point at barangay Casiaman.

    The two of us started walking at a cemented road going up to barangay Arosip (6:05 am). It was a long and generally uphill walk.

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  • Arosip Ecotrail

    Arosip Ecotrail

    From the municipal hall, one has to take a 30-minute ride via Barangay Casiaman. Upon entry to Barangay Arosip, visitors are immediately greeted by the cool shade of towering trees planted along the road which is equipped with a number of tire-paths. Located 440 meters above sea-level, 4x4 and dirt bike enthusiasts will find the road very exciting especially because of its dramatic panoramic view of lowland Bacnotan. From their, one can see the national highway, South China Sea, Holcim Cement and other prominent structures or landmarks.

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  • Zim Sim ug Twin Falls of Arosip Ecotrail

    Zim Sim ug Twin Falls of Arosip Ecotrail

    Bacnotan, La Union is endowed with the sea, plains and mountains. With the sea located at the western side of the town, the mountains at the eastern side and the plains in-between.
    Our hike for that day (October 13, 2013) was at the mountains of Bacnotan, particularly that of the AROSIP ECOTRAIL that culminated at the Zim-sim-ug Falls.

    From the City of San Fernando, La Union (9:51 am), we rode a mini-bus going north, passed by the surfing town of San Juan and arrived at the town of Bacnotan, La Union at 10:11 am.

    At Bacnotan, we opted to ride a passenger tricycle to the drop-off point ...

  • Take a break at the Majestic System of Waterfalls in La Union

    Take a break at the Majestic System of Waterfalls in La Union

    The rustic province of La Union is gifted with majestic waterfalls surrounded by a foliage of forest and a canopy of trees that greet visitors with a warm and sweet charm. For tourists who want a thrilling adventure, you can drop by the Tribal Hall for information from the tribal leaders and barangay officials. You can have a worthwhile trek where miniature waterfalls await you.

    The sound of flowing water will give you a feeling of excitement. Here are some of the magnificent waterfalls that La Union is very proud of.

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