Luna Ruins

Luna, La Union

Luna Ruins and Old Spanish Watch Tower is locally named as Baluarte located in Brgy. Victoria, Luna, La Union. The ruin due to stone quarrying at the beach and efforts by the locals have been put in place by adding cement block support to avoid further destruction of the watchtower.

Luna Ruins and Old Spanish Watch Tower or Baluarte News

  • Luna Baluarte

    Luna Baluarte

    At left is a file photo of the 400-year-old watchtower known as the Luna Baluarte when it was wrecked after typhoon Lando in 2005. Below is the restored historical landmark sitting on the coast of Barangay Victoria in Luna, La Union. It now has a boardwalk along the beach for retirees and exercise fanatics. (Erwin G. Beleo)

    Luna, La Union ??" The Luna Baluarte, a 400-year-old historical landmark that had slowly powdered away on the coast of Victoria in this town has been restored and now stands as majestic as it did in the early Spanish times.

    Considered as one of the country's national ...

  • Spanish-era Watchtower Restored Travel And Tourism, Lifestyle, Features

    Spanish-era Watchtower Restored Travel And Tourism, Lifestyle, Features

    The restoration of a 400-year-old historical landmark in Barangay Victoria was recently completed.

    The Baluarte of Luna, one of the watchtowers built on the shores of La Union during the Spanish era, is considered a national treasure by the National Historical Institute.

    Luna Mayor Victor Marvin Marron told The STAR that the Baluarte, half of which had collapsed after it was toppled by big waves and strong winds brought by typhoons, has been completed at a cost of P6 million with materials that look like those used by the Spaniards.

    The Baluarte was used by the Spanish soldiers to spo ...

  • La Unions 400-year-old Baluarte Whole Again

    La Unions 400-year-old Baluarte Whole Again

    The 400-year-old watchtower, known to residents and tourists in the coastal town of Luna in La Union province as "Baluarte" (fortress), is whole again.

    Half of the 5.6-meter high Spanish-era structure collapsed due to strong waves generated by Typhoon "Lando" (international name: Koppu) in October 2015.

    The typhoon left the other half standing but waves and strong winds washed fragments of the debris toward the sea.

    Government historians and conservation experts oversaw repairs on the tower, working hard to approximate the structure's architectural design and materials.

    The restore ...

  • Baluarte The Leaning Tower Of Luna La Union

    Baluarte The Leaning Tower Of Luna La Union

    Know why we should preserve this national treasure

    Luna, a municipality in the province of La Union, is known as the Pebble Capital of the North. Its coast facing the West Philippine Sea seems to be a bottomless repository of pebbles of various sizes and colors that are washed in from the ocean. Along this strip stands a 5.6-meter tall structure that has survived pirate attacks, a war among countries, and even a devastating typhoon.

    Locally called as "Baluarte," the watchtower in Barangay Victoria was built during the Spanish period as a solution to the frequent ransacking of Japanese, C ...

  • Lunas Pebble Beach

    Lunas Pebble Beach

    When we went to the Municipality of Luna, La Union, we noticed that most of the townsfolk there were busy sorting pebbles inside their garages and placing the carefully handpicked ones to a plastic bag with Japanese characters on it. We asked some local and she said the shiny stones came from the Pebble Beach. The bags with stones collected and sorted will then be traded for export.

    When we got to the pebble beach, we saw a shoreline full of pebbles, the Baluarte Watch Tower, and a lot of locals doing pebble picking. According to the Luna's folklore, the Lady of Namacpacan (Namacpacan was t ...

  • La Union Chasing Waterfalls

    La Union Chasing Waterfalls

    With nothing to do one weekend last August, I saw a post in CS FB page from Plan B Adventure Madness about their Baguio-La Union Road Trip and decided to join. It was only the day before when we asked for details and confirmed just few hours before the trip. Lucky enough we were able to secure 2 slots.

    After the success of our Baguio Day Trip, we went straight to a small town somewhere in La Union which took us around 3 hours where we spent the night sleeping in our tents. Another opportunity for a social gathering before calling it a day.

    The next morning, almost everyone managed to wak ...