Tulgao Rice Terraces

Tinglayan, Kalinga

From the Sungang View Point in Tinglayan, Kalinga, the Dananao and Tulgao Rice Terraces can be viewed. These rice terraces are like an amphitheater along the whole mountain slopes.

Tulgao Rice Terraces News

  • Travelosyos Best 2016 Visit 2017

    Travelosyos Best 2016 Visit 2017

    Happy New Year, everyone! The year 2016 had been great for me in terms of traveling. I visited 23 local and five international destinations. Every place has its unique culture and stories. But there are these five local places on top of my list that I hope you visit this 2017.

    Last year was the year of a bunch of changes. It was the year of being the real me and doing the things that I had really wanted. It was the year I moved out of my comfort zone and decided to follow my dreams and do what makes me happy. Probably, quitting my job to travel was the highlight of my 2016. It was the bigge ...

  • Discovering Palan-ah Falls And Hotspring In Tulgao Kalinga

    Discovering Palan-ah Falls And Hotspring In Tulgao Kalinga

    I've set foot to this place January last year, well not a good month to go there, because brrrrrrrr, weather's crazy and freakingly cold out there and it's not planting season yet. I'm not complaining here because lalalalah, the place awesome and no tourist or any other guest except for my friend and I wasn't it wonderful?

    This chronicle started in Tuguegarao and ended it in Baguio.

    So what are we doing here? Well, i asked a friend to accompany me on this trip because i wanted to see the Palan-ah Falls and hotspring. If you asked me if i did visit Whang Od in Buscalan during this trip, t ...

  • Bike Diary Trek And Bike To Tabuk Buscalan Lubuagan Tabuk

    Bike Diary Trek And Bike To Tabuk Buscalan Lubuagan Tabuk

    Route: Butbut ??" Sungang Viewpoint ??" Poblacion Tinglayan ??" Lubuagan ??" Pasil ??" Tabuk
    Total Time: 9 hours and 15 minutes
    Saddle Time: 6 hours (approx)
    Distance: Approximately 70 kilometers

    We woke up ahead of the sun on our third day of biking in Kalinga, technically it was our second after being stranded for 10 hours in Caranggalan on our way to Banaue because of an overturned truck that blocked the National Road near Dalton Pass. After the strenuous bike and hike from Mount Polis to Buscalan on the previous day, our day's plan was to bike from our pitstop to Tabuk, the provincia ...

  • Kalinga Culture Nature and Simple life

    Kalinga Culture Nature and Simple life

    …..and then I was really star-struck! OMG! Is it really Apo Whang-Od? The last tattoo artist in Kalinga is in front of me in that very moment! I just said "Hello Po" and did a Mano as a sign of respect. I was speechless and mesmerized as to how will I approach her.

    A month before our trip to this majestic place I'm still not decided whether to have my skin get inked or not. Yeah, I'm old enough for this once in lifetime chance but still few things need to be considered and questions that are yet to be answered when we get there. First, how painful it is? What symbol will I have? Will my p ...

  • Travel Guide to Buscalan Tinglayan

    Travel Guide to Buscalan Tinglayan

    Immerse with the unique culture and tradition of the mountain people and be awed with the natural beauty of one of the least explored provinces of Cordilleras - Kalinga!

    An off-beat travel destination, the province of Kalinga offers beyond what most expect. And where's best to experience the place aside from its provincial capital Tabuk? Well Tinglayan is one!

    A sleepy town south-west of Tabuk, Tinglayan is dotted by panoramic rice terraces and surrounded by verdant mountains including the legendary Sleeping Beauty, a mountain range consisting of Mount Patukan, Mating-oy Dinayao and Mant ...

  • Enticing Beauty of Kalinga Province

    Enticing Beauty of Kalinga Province

    Kalinga is a landlocked province of the Philippines in the Cordillera Administrative Region in Luzon. Its capital is Tabuk and borders Mountain Province to the south, Abra to the west, Isabela to the east, Cagayan to the northeast, and Apayao to the north. Prior to 1995, Kalinga and Apayao used to be a single province named Kalinga-Apayao, until they were split into two to better service the needs of individual native tribes in the provinces.

    The name Kalinga is derived from the Ibang and Gaddang Kalinga, which means headhunters. In the past, headhunting was considered noble and it symboliz ...