Palan-ah Falls

Tinglayan, Kalinga

Palan-ah falls and hot springs are located at Tulgao West, Tinglayan, Kalinga. The name is derived from the native term Pinalpallang-ah which means chair. The falls spray down from approximately 100 meters above forming a pool where during a sunny day, one practically swims at the end of the rainbow.

Palan-ah Falls and Hot Springs News

  • Discovering Palan-ah Falls And Hotspring In Tulgao Kalinga

    Discovering Palan-ah Falls And Hotspring In Tulgao Kalinga

    I've set foot to this place January last year, well not a good month to go there, because brrrrrrrr, weather's crazy and freakingly cold out there and it's not planting season yet. I'm not complaining here because lalalalah, the place awesome and no tourist or any other guest except for my friend and I wasn't it wonderful?

    This chronicle started in Tuguegarao and ended it in Baguio.

    So what are we doing here? Well, i asked a friend to accompany me on this trip because i wanted to see the Palan-ah Falls and hotspring. If you asked me if i did visit Whang Od in Buscalan during this trip, t ...

  • Buscalan Home Of Apo Whang Od

    Buscalan Home Of Apo Whang Od

    Buscalan, Kalinga is an unusual travel destination in the heart of the Cordilleras that is gaining popularity because of Apo Whang Od, the last mambabatok (traditional tattooist) of the province. Just last February 2016, I visited Buscalan for two days and one night (2D1N) to get a bâtok (traditional tattoo). read my travelogue

    In this travel guide, I will share to you how to get to Buscalan, Kalinga and get your bâtok even when you are on a limited budget. I'll give you a travel guide that will cost you more or less PHP 3,000.00, all-in-expense.

    How To Get To Buscalan, Kalinga

    Ther ...

  • Kalinga Culture Nature and Simple life

    Kalinga Culture Nature and Simple life

    …..and then I was really star-struck! OMG! Is it really Apo Whang-Od? The last tattoo artist in Kalinga is in front of me in that very moment! I just said "Hello Po" and did a Mano as a sign of respect. I was speechless and mesmerized as to how will I approach her.

    A month before our trip to this majestic place I'm still not decided whether to have my skin get inked or not. Yeah, I'm old enough for this once in lifetime chance but still few things need to be considered and questions that are yet to be answered when we get there. First, how painful it is? What symbol will I have? Will my p ...

  • Trek to Tulgao Palan-ah Falls and Hot Spring

    Trek to Tulgao Palan-ah Falls and Hot Spring

    "No wonder not many people go here. This road to Tulgao Village is treacherous!" This I thought as I strive to keep my balance on our habal-habal (motorbike) as we ascend this very (very) rough road. At times we had to go down and walk just to be safe. I told myself that before that if I go back in Kalniga, I would visit the Palan-ah Falls we missed on our last visit. On our third day in Kalinga, we found ourself in a 30-minute hellish ride at a narrow high-altitude dirt road to Tulgao Village.

    Tribal Peace Pacts

    There's a certain air of caution when we ask people about going to Tulgao ...

  • Kalinga declared as tourism development area

    Kalinga declared as tourism development area

    The joint force of the Senate and the House of Representatives recently approved Republic Act (RA) 10561 declaring Kalinga as tourism development area in the Cordillera.

    The new law known as "An act declaring the province of Kalinga in the Cordillera region as a tourism development area (TDA)," mandates the Department of Tourism (DOT) to allocate a trust fund which will help develop the different potentials of the province.

    The TDAs of Kalinga to be developed as identified by RA 10561 include the different municipalities endowed with natural beauty, rivers, lake and mountain resources, a ...

  • Natural Points of Interest in Kalinga

    Natural Points of Interest in Kalinga

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