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  • Ugid Underground River Patok Na Pasyalan Sa Kalinga

    Ang probinsya ng Kalinga sa Cordillera Region ang isa sa mga lugar na bagay sa mga mahilig sa summer adventure. Kahit mahirap puntahan, sulit naman ang biyahe dahil marami pang natatagong ganda sa Kalinga.

  • Balbalasang National Park Trailblazing Paradise

    Balbalasang National Park Trailblazing Paradise

    Paradise found is paradise lost. This saying is the reason why I parked my thoughts writing about Balbalasang National Park for a long time.

    I've been hesitating to tell my story about it fearing that I may be leading this new getaway into the claws of mass tourism.

    But it is neither mine to keep nor it could be held a secret for a long time as infrastructures are creeping fast on this side of Cordillera. So I may as well share my trailblazing experience & just hope that the next wave of explorers will practice responsible tourism.

    We've seen how things have turned ugly in Mt. Pulag, ...

  • Happy Manchatchatong Festival

    Happy Manchatchatong Festival

    Manchatchatong Festival is the yearly feast that Balbalan Municipality is celebrating. "Manchatchatong" means meeting or coming together of the people in Balbalan as a reunion. This will strengthen our unity, cooperation and love for our municipality to gain progress. This occassion is observed every first week of March.

    This year, it was celebrated on March 1-3, 2013. On the first day, it started with the parade and next was the mass officiated by father Gil Dulay. During the mass, he spiced his "prayer over the gifts" with the kulilipan version. He was good and was proud to learn our nati ...

  • Heres What You Must Know About The Balbalasang-Balbalan National Park

    Heres What You Must Know About The Balbalasang-Balbalan National Park

    If you're planning to visit Cordillera, you probably already have a list of the attractions that you'd like explore during your trip. Some of the things that may be on your list are Mines View Park and Camp John Hay in Baguio City as well as the Banaue Rice Terraces, Mount Pulag, and the Kabayan mummy caves. But don't just stop there; if you want to make the most of your vacation, make sure to drop by the Balbalasang-Balbalan National Park. This park, which covers almost 1,500 hectares, is a must-see if you're a bird watcher and an animal lover or if you simply want to relax and commune with n ...