Apo Whang-Od

Tinglayan, Kalinga

Based in the Mountain Province in Buscalan, in the remote northern Cordillera Mountains and Ifugao highlands of the Philippines, lives the oldest known female tattooist, 96-year-old Whang Od. She belongs to a Kalinga headhunting tribe(butbut). To this clan of fierce Igorot warriors, an ancient history associated with themes of otherness and difference, as well as representations of beauty and powe ...

rful collectivity are an inherent part of contemporary traditions. The Kalinga's commune with nature has created a life that integrates philosophical and geographical independence through creative, agricultural and educational sustainability.

Apo Whang-Od News

  • Whang-od Isa Lang Ang Hiling Kay Coco Martin

    Tampok ang kagalingan ng mga Pinoy tattoo artist sa Dutdutan Festival 2017 ngayong weekend sa World Trade Center, Pasay City.

    Sa aktuwal na tattoo demo, ipinakita ang iba't ibang design at latest trends tulad ng pagtatato ng mukha at imahe ng mga artistang tulad ni Liza Soberano.

    Pinakasentro ng atensyon ang booth ng bantog na Kalinga artist na si Whang-ud at kanyang pamilya.

    Sa edad na 100 taong gulang, si Whang-ud ang pinakamatandang Pinoy tattoo artist mula Buscalan, Kalinga.

    Dahil sa pagkahilo, hindi nakarating si Whang-ud pero pinagpistahan ng media ang kanyang apo (grand niec ...

  • The Forgotten Story Of Indigenous Resistance In Northern Philippines

    The Forgotten Story Of Indigenous Resistance In Northern Philippines

    Almost 500 kilometers north of the Philippine capital Manila lies the landlocked province of Kalinga in the Cordillera region. It is home to various indigenous groups like the Butbut tribe. In the old days, the tribesmen used head hunting as a means to protect their villages from foreign invasion. Kalinga is also known for indigenous tattooing. It prides itself of Whang Od, known as the last living mambabatok (or Kalinga tattoo artist). From January to September 2016 alone, the province attracted almost 100,000 local and foreign tourists, including those who wished to get inked by the women vi ...

  • I Got Inked By Kalingas 100-Year-Old Tattoo Artist Apo Whang-Od

    I Got Inked By Kalingas 100-Year-Old Tattoo Artist Apo Whang-Od

    Of all the places Ive traveled to in the Philippines, the secluded small village of Buscalan in the mountains of Kalinga holds a special place in my heart because its where I got the best travel souvenir yet tattoos from the legendary mambabatok (traditional tattoo artist) of the Butbut tribe herself, Apo Whang-Od. She is now 100 years old, and in her hand lies centuries of tradition.

  • My Journey To Meet Apo Whang-Od In 2017

    My Journey To Meet Apo Whang-Od In 2017

    As mentioned on my previous blog (http://www.glitterzescapades.com/2017/08/a-chance-to-meet-apo-whang-od-in-june.html), my trip to Buscalan was never easy exhausting but challenging. Seventeen hours and thirty minutes combined trip via plane, bus rides and top loading on a jeepney are never easy but as what they always say, If there's a will there is indeed a way.

  • Philippines Oldest Tattoo Artist Meet Whang Od Oggay

    Surrounded by lush rice terraces and undulating landscape, the mountain village of Buscalan is home to just 200 or so households. It rests in the Kalinga province of the Philippines and is about a 15-hour drive north of Manila.

    Yet thousands of tourists come here every year to meet Whang Od Oggay, the Philippines' oldest mambabatok -- or traditional Kalinga tattooist. Roughly 100 years old, Whang Od has been performing the ancient art of hand-tapped tattoos since she was 15.

    "The tradition will continue as long as people keep coming to get tattoos," Whang Od tells CNN Travel. "As long as ...

  • A Chance To Meet Apo Whang-Od In June 2017

    A Chance To Meet Apo Whang-Od In June 2017

    In a far away land of Kalinga Apayao, in a place called Buscalan, a 101-year-old woman named Apo Whang-Od (pronounced as fang -od) is known to be the new Filipino National Artist. Apo Whang-Od belongs to the Butbut tribe and she was their warriors' tattooist. Fast forward to today's time, people from the lowlands are unceasingly climbing up to the mountains of Buscalan just to see Apo Whang-Od and if fortunate enough, to be marked by the only living tattooist of the Butbut tribe.