Apo Whang-Od

Tinglayan, Kalinga

Based in the Mountain Province in Buscalan, in the remote northern Cordillera Mountains and Ifugao highlands of the Philippines, lives the oldest known female tattooist, 96-year-old Whang Od. She belongs to a Kalinga headhunting tribe(butbut). To this clan of fierce Igorot warriors, an ancient history associated with themes of otherness and difference, as well as representations of beauty and powe ...

rful collectivity are an inherent part of contemporary traditions. The Kalinga's commune with nature has created a life that integrates philosophical and geographical independence through creative, agricultural and educational sustainability.

Apo Whang-Od News

  • Viajera Vlog Kalinga

    Kalinga travel featuring Buscalan Village in Tinglayan, Kalinga. It's where the last remaining traditional tattoo artist Apo Whang-od lives. Alongside are adventures to Buscalan's rice terraces and waterfalls.

  • Apo Whang Od Ang Huling Mambabatok Ng Cordillera

    Sinadya ng 'Brigada' ang Buscalan sa Kalinga upang kumustahin si Apo Whang-Od, ang huling mambabatok sa Cordillera. Dahil sa kanyang pambabatok, ito ay dinarayo na ng mga turista sa iba't ibang bahagi ng bansa at mundo, kung kaya'y ninonomina na siyang National Artist. Ano kaya ang masasabi niya rito?

    Aired: May 16, 2017

    Watch 'Brigada', Tuesday nights at 8 PM on GMA News TV, hosted by Jessica Soho.

  • At 100 Or So She Keeps A Philippine Tattoo Tradition Alive

    She wakes up every morning at dawn and mixes an ink out of pine soot and water. She threads a thorn from a bitter citrus tree into a reed, crouches on a three-inch-high stool and, folded up like a cricket, hand-taps tattoos onto the backs, wrists and chests of people who come to see her from as far away as Mexico and Slovenia.

    The woman, Maria Fang-od Oggay, will finish 14 tattoos before lunch — not a bad day's work for someone said to be 100 years old. Moreover, she has single-handedly kept an ancient tradition alive, and in the process transformed this remote mountaintop village into a ...

  • Rhian Ramos Gets Second Whang Ud Tattoo

    Three years after getting her first traditional tattoo, Rhian Ramos returned to Kalinga to get another one from the province's oldest mambabatok or tattoo practitioner, Whang-ud.

    This time, she got a bigger more intricate design.

    Just last week, the 26-year-old actress once again braved the 17-hour road trip to Kalinga and two-hour trek to the mountain-top village to get a personalized tattoo on her upper leg.

    "I'm just so grateful they agreed to this request. A little old, a little new," Ramos wrote as caption.

    According to the actress, she personally created the design and had it ...

  • Kalinga Tourist Arrival Exceeds Target

    Tourist arrivals in the Kalinga Province has reached 22,995 from January to March 20, higher than the 15,000 target for the first quarter of the year according to the Kalinga Tourism Office.

    Tourism Operations Officer Dionica Mercado said the tourism industry in the province continues to boom with the different tourist spots and attractions including the cultural immersion they are offering.

    "From the data, tourist arrival in Tabuk City is not yet included, and we will be reporting as long as we have the data. But this is a clear indication that tourism industry here is booming," Mercado ...

  • Wang Od Of Buscalan Tinglayan Kalinga

    Trip to Kalinga to meet the living legend Apo Wang Od of Butbut Tribe .