Palanan River

Palanan, Isabela

Palanan River is located in Palanan, Isabela and originates from the mountains in the Northern Sierra Madre National Park.

Palanan River News

  • Isabela Province An Untouched Beauty Of Nature

    Isabela Province An Untouched Beauty Of Nature

    If you're constantly looking for new places to explore; if getting lost in a forest is your kind of adventure; if your idea of paradise is to bask in nature's beauty without a crowd of tourists behind you, then Isabela is the destination for you.

    The province sits atop picture-perfect Sierra Madre, the longest mountain range in this archipelago of 7, 507 islands. It has the second largest land area in the Philippines, bursting with lush forests, dreamy valleys and pristine beaches. Much of the province's rustic charm is also still there, devoid of unhealthy doses of commercialism and touri ...

  • Freshwater Fish And Biotopes Of The Palanan River Luzon Philippines

    Footage I recorded from a trip to Palanan in Isabella Province, Luzon last year. Various gobies including Stiphodon species can be seen and also freshwater pipefish. The river habitat is surrounded by lush rainforest and is fed by many small streams from the mountains. It is very fast flowing and filming in the current was not easy!

  • Palanan Mayor Wants Urgent Embankment Near Historical Site

    Palanan Mayor Wants Urgent Embankment Near Historical Site

    Palanan mayor Angelo Bernardo wants the construction of an embankment along the Palanan River done as soon as possible to prevent erosion of the historical site where former Philippine President General Emilio Aguinaldo was captured.

    Bernardo considers the proposed flood control project submitted to the office of the President two years ago, a priority among other infrastructure projects that he wants urgently done in his hometown at Palanan.

    The historical monument located above the Palanan river imprints the capture of Aguinaldo by Scout Macabebe headed by former army officials of A ...

  • A New Paradise Found

    A New Paradise Found

    Nestled in the furthest eastern corner of the province of Isabela, bounded by the Pacific Ocean, the relatively small and unknown coastal town of Palanan provides a number of empty and peaceful island alternatives when its neighbors are jam-packed with beach frolickers.

    But the road to this new-found paradise wasn't easy. With only horses, tricycles and motorized bancas as the only modes of transportation, our group, led by tour guide Reynante de Vera, had to endure a two-hour travel, traversing the rough road from Barangay Marikit to Barangay Culasi, to the rough waters of the Pacific Ocea ...