Fuyot Springs Park

Ilagan City, Isabela

Fuyot Springs National Park is a protected area of the Philippines located in the mountain slopes of Barangay Santa Victoria in Ilagan, Isabela 405 kilometers northeast from Manila. The park, which also contains the Ilagan Sanctuary, is 819 hectares in area and extends to the nearby municipality of Tumauini in the Cagayan Valley.

The park is a popular draw for hikers, mountaineers, ...

spelunkers and birdwatchers who come to explore its mountain trails, caves, odd rock formations and aviary. Right next door to the park lies the bigger Northern Sierra Madre Natural Park which contains even more diverse wildlife. The Pinzal Falls is another major draw inside the park and provides relaxation to visitors aside from the park's many natural mountain springs.

The Ilagan Sanctuary offers the following attractions for visitors: a mini-zoo, butterfly park, natural spring water pool and ATV rides. During the celebration of 326th years of Ilagan's founding anniversary last May 2012, the government inaugurated the 350-meter Zipline inside the park. The park's Main Cave, Altar Cave and Adventure Cave also offer exploration tours to visitors. The Ilagan Sanctuary charges an entrance fee of P100, inclusive of the use of swimming pool.

Fuyot Springs National Park News

  • Isabela Province Philippines

    Isabela Province Philippines

    Aguinaldo Shrine

    Although Isabela did not play a major role in the revolt against Spain, it is in Palanan that the final pages of the Philippines Revolution was written when the American forces led by Gen. Frederick Funston finally captured Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo in the area on March 23, 1901.

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    Dinapigue showcases a bonsai forest with plants ranging from one foot to 7 feet in height. The forest is astonishing ??" covering an estimated 5,000 hectares.

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  • Philippine Hawk Eagle turned over to DENR

    Philippine Hawk Eagle turned over to DENR

    A captured Philippine Hawk Eagle (Nisaetus philippensis) was turned over by Seth Fabros of Sinamar Roxas, Isabela to the Department of Environment and Natural Resources In-charge, Office of CENRO Roxas Samuel Berlin.

    The Philippine Hawk Eagle, local name Banog, is a medium-sized raptor that has been feared close to extinction attributed to deforestation. Commonly mistaken as the Philippine Eagle, it is also endemic to the forests of the Philippines. It can stand up to 30 inches tall with a wingspan twice the length of its body and can weigh up to two kilograms. It perches in dense canopies ...

  • Santa Victoria Caves in Ilagan City Isabela revisited improved

    Santa Victoria Caves in Ilagan City Isabela revisited improved

    Tucked away in the foothills of the Sierra Madre Mountain Range, the Santa Victoria Caves which is among the favorite tourist destinations in the North retains its timeless beauty and allure.

    The caves, known for their beautiful and unusual rock formations, their sparkling rocks, and their subterranean waterfalls located within the Ilagan Sanctuary, remains preserved as part of the Fuyot Springs National Park (FSNP) of this city.

    The Sta. Victoria Caves may be found together with animal kingdom, botanical garden, and waterfalls in the 200-hectare Isabela Sanctuary, which forms about a qu ...

  • Ilagan Sanctuary A Nature Discovery

    From the City Proper of Ilagan, which is the capital of Isabela, one must ride a jeepney/tricycle bound for Sta. Victoria to reach the most visited tourist spot in Ilagan City now famously known to be the "Ilagan Sanctuary. This Nature Discovery that Isabelino take pride of is 15 kilometers away from the City proper. It is a part of the Fuyot Springs National Park that is now under development with the help of the fees being collected for the entrance and other miscellaneous fees.

    Attractions inside the park includes Bird Viewing, Mini Zoo, Natural Spring Water Pool, Pinzal Falls,, Butterfl ...

  • Ilagan Sanctuary

    Ilagan Sanctuary

    Ilagan Sanctuary is a protected sanctuary located at Sta Victoria, Ilagan, Isabela..It is composed of Santa Victoria caves, Fuyot Springs national park and Pinzal falls. Fuyot Springs National Park is desgnated for the wildlife and gardens. Santa Victoria cave has limestones and rock formations that visitors would love to see. After some trekking, you can dip in to the basin of the Pinzal Falls. You will need to conquer the muddy and rocky roads in order to reach this majestic fall.

    Aside from trekking going to the Pinzal Falls, friends and family can enjoy picnic and use of swimming pool ...

  • Palanan Wilderness Area

    Palanan Wilderness Area

    The preservation of the our natural wonders, truly rich but endangered, has been the goal of the Palanan Wilderness Area in Isabela, and it offers people a rare glimpse of the many unique sights and wildlife that can be found in the province.

    The Palanan Wilderness Area is a large tract of undisturbed forest which forms a large part of the combined nature preserve of the Northern Sierra Madre National Park and PeƱablanca Protected Landscape and Seascape. It contains the most extensive area of preserved rainforest in the Philippines at 359,486 hectares. The larger of two remaining areas of ...