Abuan River and Watershed

Ilagan City, Isabela

Abuan River and Watershed is located in Ilagan City, Isabela. It originates from the mountains in the Northern Sierra Madre National Park where one of the widest tropical rainforest in the Luzon can be found and is a major tributary of the Ilagan river.

Abuan River and Watershed News

  • Coping With El Nino

    Coping With El Nino

    A lot of households in the countryside, especially those of farmers, were heavily affected by the lack of rains due to the El NiƱo phenomenon that has beset many parts of the country since last year, compounding the problem of irrigation for farmers.

    One of those who have suffered from the climate anomaly is Betty Panapit who used to trek four kilometers just to get water from the steep slope of Sitio Pulang Lupa in Barangay Batong Labang, a coarse mountainside community near the city of Ilagan, Isabela.

    With the help of World Wide Fund for nature (WWF) in collaboration with Sun Life Fo ...

  • Piece Of Heaven In The Heart Of Isabela Abuan River

    Piece Of Heaven In The Heart Of Isabela Abuan River

    River; a very simple word, indeed it is one of the bodies of water and picture the scene as flowing water, with trees and mountains around and a free place to cool down and swim if you can't afford to go to a private beach or resort. Contrary to what people say, there is this one of the most fascinating and amazing places hidden in the Valley of Cagayan, a treasure.

    It's a bit shameful because as a native of Isabela province, this is my first time ever to visit, explore and appreciate the Abuan River. Majestic as it could be, truly the place is a heaven for those nature lovers and adventure ...

  • WWF To Restore Abuan River Sierra Madre Watershed

    An international environment conservation organization is set to restore the Abuan river located in the eastern part of this city including its 2,000-hectare watershed area at the Northern Sierra Madre Natural Park.

    The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Philippines said people depend on rivers, thus the need to restore the river, which gives not only economic but ecological benefits to numerous villagers.

    "A total of 20,000 fruit bearing trees is also being readied to be planted at the Abuan river's watershed area," said Luis Caraan, project manager of WWF Abuan river Integrated Management Proje ...

  • WWF And City Government Join Hands In Restoring Abuan River Watershed Area

    Philippines and the city government of this City joined hands in the restoration of Abuan river watershed area.

    WWF-Philippines, also known as Kabang Kalikasan ng Pilipinas (KKP), has been working as a national organization of the WWF network since 1997.

    The organization's conservation program places strong marine emphasis in the conservation of species and habitats and utilizes highly integrative and participatory approaches to find solutions that work for the environment and for the people that live in and depend on it.

    Mayor Jose Marie L. Diaz said Abuan river is also a potential t ...

  • BFAR-2 Probes Presence Of Northwest Pacific Salmon In Isabelas Abuan River

    BFAR-2 Probes Presence Of Northwest Pacific Salmon In Isabelas Abuan River

    The Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) in Region 2 is exploring the possible presence of "ludong" fish, also known as the President's Fish or Northwest Pacific Salmon, in the upstream of Abuan River located in the eastern portion of this city.

    Ludong, which sells for at least P5,000 per kilogram, is listed as one of the world's most endangered fresh water fish. It is known for its delicious taste.

    A team is mounting a fish exploration in the area to catch a pair of ludong to be transported to the BFAR breeding station in Aparri, Cagayan for study and possible breeding, said ...

  • Isabelas Abuan River Is The Philippines Next Big Whitewater Destination

    Isabelas Abuan River Is The Philippines Next Big Whitewater Destination

    "It's one thing to memorize the history of a Church, or even a city ??" but a river is different," explains Anton Carag, certified Pinoy rafting Jedi. "If you don't know how to read her, you'll be in big trouble."

    In seconds the roaring river transforms into a gurgling rivulet of relaxation. The side-scrolling scenery is glorious to behold, adorned with dramatic cliffs, provocative fire-trees and flitting waterbirds. This is the country's next big rafting destination ??" Isabela's Abuan River.

    To spare the Sierra Madre's forests from further deforestation, the World Wide Fund for Nature ...