Calinog, Iloilo

The Tumandok or Suludnon (also known as Panay-Bukidnon or Panayanon Sulud) is an indigenous Visayan group of people who reside in the Capiz-Lambunao mountainous area of Panay in the Visayan islands of the Philippines. They are the only culturally indigenous group of Visayan language-speakers in the Western Visayas.

Although they were once culturally related to the speakers of the Ki ...

naray-a, Aklanon, and Hiligaynon languages, all of whom inhabit the lowlands of Panay, their isolation from Spanish rule resulted in the continuation of a pre-Hispanic culture and beliefs. They speak the Igbok language (also known as Ligbok), one of the Antique languages.

Currently, the Sulud/Tumandok faces several challenges in their existence although the local governments of Panay have realized their importance and have begun establishing several projects that help preserve their culture.

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  • Panay Bukidnon Women Complete Skills Training On Abaca Sewing Embroidery

    Various designs of sewn and embroidered abaca based clothing were produced by at least 15 Panay Bukidnon women and members of the Jamindan Bukidnon Tribes Association (JABTA) who completed the Skills Enhancement Training on Abaca Sewing and Embroidery last August 13 to 17 at the School for Living Traditions in Brgy. Jaena Sur in Jamindan town.

    The fiveday training, funded by the Capiz provincial government thru the Gender and Development program of the Provincial Tourism and Cultural Affairs Office, is a follow through to a training on abaca weaving by the National Commission for Culture an ...

  • Panay Bukidnon

    Mini docu- Chanted poem of Panay Philippines of the Bukidnon tribe from Garangan, Calinog, Panay, Philippines. Ancient Poem, pre-colonial tradition. (Fuji Teodosio)

  • IP Women Urged To Deliver In Birthing Center

    IP Women Urged To Deliver In Birthing Center

    A municipal physician from a far south local government unit (LGU) here is urging pregnant indigenous women to come down to the municipality a good number of days before their date of delivery.

    Hinobaan Municipal Health Officer Dr. Roena Abilla said giving birth assisted by medical personnel is the safest way than the traditional "komadrona," "paltera" or women who assist mothers give birth usually in far-flung areas in the absence of medical personnel.

    During the recent "Hugpong sang mga Tumandok" in this town, it was learned that about 200 families reside in Bgry. Damutan, 30 kilometer ...

  • Tourism Opens Doors For Tribe In Negros

    Tourism has become a newfound bounty for group of indigenous people in Barangay Kumaliskis in this upland town.

    Kumaliskis is already blessed with a natural attraction - the scenic Malatan-og Falls. All it needed was a couple of government agencies to teach the Bukidnon tribe how to make good use of it.

    Today, the men of the Bukidnon tribe are certified tourist guides, while the women sell local delicacies to visitors.

    The Malatan-og Tour Guide Farmers Association, a group of tour guides who belong to the Bukidnon tribe, have been leading visitors to Malatan-og Falls in Kumaliskis sin ...

  • Negosyo Center In Kabankalan Trains IPs On Entrepreneurship

    Negosyo Center In Kabankalan Trains IPs On Entrepreneurship

    The Negosyo Center in Kabankalan City has trained 80 aspiring entrepreneurs, mostly indigenous people (IPs) belonging to Bukidnon Tribe, on basic entrepreneurship development aimed at enabling them to efficiently manage their respective enterprises.

    Business Counselor III Victor Ed Anthony Alamon, who conducted the one-day training at Barangay Camingawan on March 28, said the activity has also equipped entrepreneurs with proper entrepreneurial mindset.

    Alamon said the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) targets to cover IP communities in the locality in the provision of its services, ...

  • Isabela In Negros Occidental To Hold IPs Festival

    The Municipality of Isabela in Negros Occidental will hold the first-ever Ati, Bukidnon, Tumandok Festival on April 15 to 21.

    Mayor Joselito Malabor said this will be the official festival of Isabela.

    Malabor said he came up with the idea, which has a semblance of the town's history and given that the indigenous peoples (IP) communities still exist.

    The seven-day activity will have the theme: "Tumandok, Ugyon Kita sa Kadalag-an kag Kauswagan sa Banwang Tinubuan."

    "We will relive the history of Isabela town," the mayor said.

    Malabor said that based on recent history, the IPs are ...