South Upi, Maguindanao

The southwestern Mindanao highlands range to about 4,000 feet and face the Celebes Sea. The Tiruray, one of the ethnic groups that live in this area, have retained much of their own religion in spite of their proximity to the Magindanao of the Cotabato Valley. They live in the territory bounded by the Tamontaca River to the north, and the Tran River to the south, the coast to the west and the Cota ...

bato Valley on the east.

There are three subgroups depending on their orientation??"riverine, coastal, and mountain??"each with variations in dialect. The people also use ceremonial and ritual languages. The houses are generally situated near the upland fields, grouped more or less in the vicinity of the house of the group leader, forming a grouping called an inged. The traditional economy is based on dry cultivation supplemented by food gathering, hunting, and fishing.

The principal food is glutinous rice and corn. Other crops cultivated include corn, sweet potatoes, sugar cane, cassava, taro, and tobacco. A lunar calendar and another based on stars are used in determining agricultural seasons. There are also institutionalized trading pacts with the Magindanao. Their traditional baskets with black trimmings are exceptionally beautiful.

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  • Mt Minandar From Waves To Summit

    Mt Minandar From Waves To Summit

    Maguindanao never fails to amaze us.

    With new natural attractions discovered and explored every now and then, you'll never run out of natural wonders in the province.

    From the waves of the beaches surrounding Barangay Kusiong in Datu Odin Sinsuat town, outdoor enthusiasts can now reach higher and conquer a new challenge ??" Mt. Minandar.

    Minandar is a local term which means start of rumbling sounds. According to the locals, Mt. Minandar was named after people from the sea heard rumbling sounds coming from the mountain top.

    Rising 1,464 feet above sea level, Mt. Minandar offers a pi ...

  • A Story Behind A Full Blood Filipino With Her Blue Eyes But Shes Completely Deaf

    A Story Behind A Full Blood Filipino With Her Blue Eyes But Shes Completely Deaf

    The eyelids that cover her eyes, like a shy turtle slowly wanting to keep her head when you're straining to touch her. The minute she opened her eyes, it was as though a pair of curtains had been moved away on both sides of the window slowly revealing the view of the crystal blue sea from outside. She smiled, she noticed that John had been giving her an astonishing kind of face like a forlorn man losing himself for a while. The girl slowly covering her eyes once more, trying to be egoistic as what her inner timid self made her for a moment. John smiled and greet her with a comforting hello, bu ...

  • Tourism Event Honors Indigenous People Of SOCCSKSARGEN

    SOCCSKSARGEN Region's indigenous culture takes the center stage in a festival organized by the Department of Tourism 12 at the Veranza Mall in General Santos City and other parts of the region from October 26-31.

    Dubbed as "TAU SOX: Festival of the First Peoples," the event is a recognition of the significant contributions of the indigenous peoples' cultural heritage to the tourism industry of SOCCSKSARGEN Region or Region 12.

    "Cultural tourism is the best tourism asset of Region 12. This is the very reason why a lot of tourists visit the region," Nelly Nita Dillera, regional ...

  • Teduray Tribe Of Ugis They Conform To Natures Wonder

    Teduray Tribe Of Ugis They Conform To Natures Wonder

    Spend a day listening to the leaves rustle and the strong waves of the wind breaking up in the forest and then make friends with locals of the community is one of the best things in life where we rarely experienced it when we go out of our comfort zone.

    My very first day in Esperanza, Sultan Kudarat was a blessing to behold. I was welcomed by the enticing culture of Teduray tribe. But just before I was introduced to the rich culture of Teduray in Ugis, Michael from Esperanza Tourism Office took me to the disregarded nature's beauty of Ugis. We have passed by to some of the amazing view tha ...

  • Tedurays And Lambangians Of Maguindanao Start Rebound From El Nino With Organic Non GMO Corn Seeds And Fertilizers

    Indigenous peoples of Maguindanao, who have been severely affected by the 2015-2016 double El Niño, take on the challenge of recovery as they start to plant, organic, non-GMO corn seeds this week.

    Farmers from indigenous communities in Upi and South Upi, Maguindanao, have been asking the government since 2015 for immediate response to El Niño. But instead, the elections and constrained distribution of food and farm support to impacted farmers threw them further into hunger, malnutrition and indebtedness, aggravated by their use of GMO corn that requires expensive inputs.

    "Three weeks ...

  • ARMM Volunteers To Reforest Areas In Maguindanao

    ARMM Volunteers To Reforest Areas In Maguindanao

    Various groups in the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) will reforest in 12 months denuded spots in three watershed areas in Maguindanao province which past ARMM governors helplessly failed to protect from poachers.

    ARMM's natural resource secretary, Hadji Kahal Kedtag, on Saturday told The STAR the Mahogany, Narra and Molave tree seedlings to be planted in the surroundings of the three watershed areas are now being prepared by volunteers from enclaves around their nursery in Lomboy District west of Datu Odin Sinsuat town in Maguindanao.

    The three watershed areas, Kabulnan, Dim ...