Lake Sebu, South Cotabato

T'Boli tribe of Lake Sebu in Cotabato have a wealth of crafts, elaborate ethnic costumes, and vivaciousdances and music. They are also admired for their handsome brasswork, which finds its way into figure statuary, heavy belts, chains and noisy anklets by much-beaded and broidery-bedecked tribal women.

Some locate the Tbolis to the vicinity of the Lake Buluan in the Cotabato Basin ...

or in Agusan del Norte. The Tbolis, then, reside on the mountain slopes on either side of the upper Alah Valley and the coastal area of Maitum, Maasim and Kiamba.

In former times, the Tbolis also inhabited the upper Alah Valley floor. After World War Two, i.e., since the arrival of settlers originating from other parts of the Philippines, they have been gradually pushed onto the mountain slopes. As of now, they are almost expelled from the fertile valley floor.

Tboli People News

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  • Lake Holon Tboli Tribes Other Gem

    Lake Holon Tboli Tribes Other Gem

    Also called Lake Maughan, the 304-hectare Holon is perking up human traffic in T'boli more than the gold mining industry, which has transformed it into a first-class municipality since gold deposits were discovered there more than three decades ago.

    While the town also hosts vast plantations of pineapple and banana, it is the once obscure lake that has drawn tourists for the past few years, with some adventure seekers coming from countries such as those in Europe, the United States, India and China.

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    Lake Holon: A Proof That Faith Can Indeed Move Mountains

    Nature has a way of arriving unannounced. Either you take it as a great surprise or transgressed demise would highly depend on the way you perceive the unexpected. In the end, whatever is meant to happen, will happen; we only need a deeper means of understanding that everything laid out is for the good. And this, my friend, is what we call as faith.

  • Sesotunawa The Unity Of Spirit

    Sesotunawa The Unity Of Spirit

    When people hear of the Tbolis of South Cotabato, what first comes to mind is the famous Tnalak cloth which by now is used by different fashion designers to incorporate in their couture. The province is in fact celebrating Tnalak Festival every July of the year as a means to recognize the artistry of these dreamweavers.

    However, only a few people know that aside from weavers, the Tboli has more innate skills such as brass casting (temwel) and beading. These products are widely available in Tboli but perhaps not as popular and widely-distributed as the tnalak cloth.

    One of the few Tboli b ...