Lake Sebu, South Cotabato

T'Boli tribe of Lake Sebu in Cotabato have a wealth of crafts, elaborate ethnic costumes, and vivaciousdances and music. They are also admired for their handsome brasswork, which finds its way into figure statuary, heavy belts, chains and noisy anklets by much-beaded and broidery-bedecked tribal women.

Some locate the Tbolis to the vicinity of the Lake Buluan in the Cotabato Basin ...

or in Agusan del Norte. The Tbolis, then, reside on the mountain slopes on either side of the upper Alah Valley and the coastal area of Maitum, Maasim and Kiamba.

In former times, the Tbolis also inhabited the upper Alah Valley floor. After World War Two, i.e., since the arrival of settlers originating from other parts of the Philippines, they have been gradually pushed onto the mountain slopes. As of now, they are almost expelled from the fertile valley floor.

Tboli People News

  • 19th Seslong Festival 2017 Tboli South Cotabato

    19th Seslong Festival 2017 - The celebration portrays the old practices of the indigenous people to gather and barter goods. T'boli and B'laan native songs and dances are the main attractions of the festival.

  • Tboli Tourism Village Opens In South Cotabato

    In addition to its famous eco-adventure sites, Tboli town in South Cotabato has opened a village where visitors could learn about the Tboli culture and hold events in a traditional setting.

    Just recently, the Tboli LGU, led by the Municipal Tourism Office, launched its Cultural Village and Traditional Tboli Long House in Barangay Lemsnolon, about 5 minutes ride from the town center.

    "The cultural village in Lemsnolon is a tourism destination where visitors can immerse in the Tboli culture, specifically on weaving, music and chants, short stories, cuisine and others with the help cultural ...

  • Travel Lake Sebu South Cotabato Philippines

    JAN. 18 - 21 : Explored the municipality of Lake Sebu, South Cotabato, Philippines.

    Highlights of the trip:

    1. Saw the mesmerizing Fall #1 (Hikong Alo), # 2 (Hikong Bente) and #7 (Hikong Tonok) of the famous Seven waterfalls of Lake Sebu. [ It was a huge disappointment that Lake Sebu's Seven Falls Zipline (Asia's highest) which traverses above the waterfalls was non-operational during our trip.]
    2. Extreme river tubing!
    3. ATV ride
    4. Had the honor to meet Ms. Maria Todi, a very inspiring cultural worker who independently runs a School of Living Traditions (SLT) that teaches kids t ...

  • Five Things To Do In Lake Sebu

    Today, let's explore Lake Sebu!

    I've been to South Cotabato again earlier this year for another work trip. This time, I was able to go to the beautiful Lake Sebu, a wide and vast natural lake surrounding the municipality which adopted the same name. We also wanted to try the zip line to be able to see the famous Seven (7) waterfalls of Lake Sebu, but unfortunately, it was being on maintenance at the time. At least, I was able to see two (2) of the famous waterfalls. Oh well, maybe next time.

    Nevertheless, I still had a wonderful time admiring nature and water and eating all the yummy s ...

  • Lake Sebu Adventure

    An amazing adventure in Lake Sebu, South Cotabato. There are 7 beautiful waterfalls to visit. The zipline over the 7 waterfalls is the tallest zipline in Asia. It is quite scary but much fun and thrill. You can visit the Isla Lake Resort for lunch and meet the Tboli indigenous people of South Cotabato, Mindanao, then take a refreshing Lake Sebu boat tour.

  • Top Things To Do In Lake Sebu Lake Sebu Itinerary

    Along with fellow SOX Bloggers and tour operators from Davao City, we embarked on a 3 day trip to the Land of The Dreamweavers. The goal is to get familiarized with the area and identify the potential tourist offerings within the municipality. So this blog post is all gonna be about the things you can do in Lake Sebu and places you need to drop by.

    Let's start with How To Get Lake Sebu.

    From General Santos City take a Bus or Van to Koronadal (Marbel).
    • Travel Time: 45 Minutes – 1 hour
    • Travel Cost: Depends on the Bus but usually around 100php or less.

    Now from Koronadal City ...